Australia’s Best Travel Pillows

With Australia’s best travel pillows, you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep on lengthy flights or vehicle trips.

Unfortunately, a lot of Australians are familiar with the suffering and discomfort that comes with a long drive or trip. You probably remember the hours you spent shifting around in your seat looking for the ideal position. And like the rest of us, it’s likely that you never did. Why put up with this discomfort when you can purchase an ergonomic travel pillow?

The Australian market is flooded with several types of travel pillows. But which one ought to you pick? In order to assist you pick the ideal pillow, this guide will outline the benefits and drawbacks of the top travel pillows currently available. To bring you the top six, we evaluated the most talked-about goods based on comfort, support, size, price, and washability.

So fasten your seatbelt and read this article on the top travel pillows in Australia for 2023.

Check out our picks: Best travel pillows in Australia

Glynnis Travel Pillow Neck Support

Best Travel Pillows
  • Ergonomic curve design for head, neck and face support
  • Made from memory foam
  • Comes with an eye mask, earplugs and travel bag
  • Removable/Washable outer cover
  • 24-month free replacement and 3-month money back

Huzi – Infinity Pillow

Huzi - Infinity Pillow
  • Made from bamboo fabric cover with microfiber filling
  • Versatile design to offer support in any sleep position
  • Offer 360-degree support, adjustability and breathability
  • Machine washable

Travelrest All-in-ONE Travel, Neck & Body Pillow

Travelrest All-in-ONE Travel, Neck & Body Pillow
  • Easily inflates/deflates in few breaths
  • Offers excellent lateral support for upper body
  • Attaches to Car/Airline seat
  • Easily adjustable for multiple sleeping positions
  • Portable & Compact design

Without further ado, let’s look at this year’s best travel pillows.

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow –Editor’s Pick

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow
  • Patented seat strap system
  • Memory Foam core with a breathable outer cover
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with a compact pillow carrying case
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Price: $45

The Cabeau Evolution S3 travel pillow has won awards for good cause. The seat strap system is a unique, patented design that enables you to securely fasten the pillow to your seat for the best possible level of comfort. Your head is supported and less likely to roll to one side while you sleep thanks to the elevated sides.

Some customers claim that they have been motivated to travel more by the pillow’s responsive memory foam! With the help of the adjustable toggles, you can find the ideal fit and maintain your head support while keeping the pillow in position.

The Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow has a flat back, which makes it different from many other pillows in that it will force your head forward. The cushion can be turned around to provide neck and chin support if your head does really slide forward.

The storage pocket is another useful feature that lets you keep your phone, keys, or wallet on the side of the pillow. You can do this to travel hands-free and prevent your pockets from prodding you while you sit back and unwind.

Here is just one of the many positive reviews from Australians on TravelGear: I adore it! I did my homework and found a good travel pillow, and I’m not disappointed. I’m eager for my long flight!”

It has all the makings of the ideal travel companion, costs $43.95 and has the option to be purchased with a lifetime warranty for replacement on the Cabeau website.

Final judgment: For comfort, added features, ease of maintenance, and price, the Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel cushion is our favorite all-around cushion and is highly recommended. We believe that the universal seat belt system will be especially helpful to frequent travelers. If that doesn’t sway you, let us remind you that it has a ton of 5-star reviews on its website.

Cabeau Evolution Cool 2.0 Memory Foam Travel Pillow – Best Luxury

Cabeau Evolution Cool 2.0 Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Cabeau Evolution Cool 2.0 Memory Foam Travel Pillow
  • Soft dual-density memory foam filling
  • Cover: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
  • Cooling Air Circulation Vents
  • Headphone Friendly
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with a compact pillow carrying case and free memory foam earplugs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Price: $65

The uncommon combination of coolness and comfort places the Cabeau Evolution Cool 2.0 Memory Foam Travel Pillow among the best luxury pillows.

The problem is that the majority of travel pillows on the market lack ventilation, which can be uncomfortable during Australia’s hot, humid summers. However, the Cabeau pillow has air circulation vents that keep you cool and composed.

You are now prepared for a life of luxury, at least while traveling, thanks to the large amount of memory foam that has been employed within. The pillow is constructed of a soft, dual-density memory foam upper layer that supports your neck and a sturdy, firm base for stability.

Other benefits include a free travel bag, detachable washable cover, magnetically adjustable toggle, attachable travel bag, and, thankfully, it doesn’t obstruct your headphones. Additionally, it comes in four eye-catching hues, including black, purple, red, and blue.

This luxury cushion does have a premium price of $65 and a lifetime guarantee promise, but people claim that it is worth it in their reviews.

The Cabeau Evolution Cool 2.0 Memory Foam Travel Pillow, in contrast to many other travel pillows, will not only keep your neck comfy but also help you stay cool and unwind during lengthy flights. The main drawback of this product is that it cannot be returned, although the majority of the 5-star reviews imply that this is not a problem.

Glynnis Travel Pillow Neck Support – Best Budget

Glynnis Travel Pillow Neck Support

  • Soft feel and U Shape design
  • Free Travel Accessories
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Removable and Washable Cover
  • 24-month free replacement warranty and 3-month money back
  • Price: $19.99

It may be the most affordable travel cushion on our list at $19.99, but it does not fall short. In fact, it can compete favorably with some of the more expensive options out there.

The Glymnis travel pillow is a memory foam U-shaped pillow that can be easily packed and designed for optimal comfort. To further improve your vacation experience, the item also includes free extras including an eye mask, earplugs, and a travel bag. Additionally, a washable, detachable cover is included to keep your pillow looking nice for your subsequent travels.

We give it high marks for being nearly as portable as an inflatable pillow and nearly as comfortable as some of the more expensive pillows for only $19.99. It also hasn’t omitted any crucial steps. It offers a 3-month money-back guarantee and a 24-month free replacement period.

One of the incredible reviews on Amazon is as follows: The answer is a resounding YES. I bought this to check if it’s any better than the ones you can get from Kmart or Target. This cushion is far better than others and is priceless. The materials are top-notch, and the rubber is highly supportive. It feels lovely.

Final judgment: We frequently assume that inexpensive items are of low quality, however this is not the case with the Glynnis Travel Pillow. It is a fully effective neck support pillow. It has several great accessories included for free and is soft, small, lightweight, and portable. We advise everyone who travels on a tight budget—especially those who don’t travel much—to do this.

Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow – Best for side sleepers

Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow 

Travelrest All-in-ONE Travel, Neck & Body Pillow
  • Inflates in 3-4 puffs
  • 4 colour options: Grey, Moss Green, Navy
  • Compact storage (7.5 x 25 cm)
  • Hand washable
  • Price: $39.99

Many of you side sleepers may feel a little left out. We haven’t forgotten you, so don’t be concerned. Side sleepers, who make up an astounding 74% of us, will appreciate the Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow!

A standard U-shaped travel cushion usually isn’t comfortable for side sleepers, but the Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel cushion can be fastened to vehicle and airplane seats and draped over the shoulder like a bag. If you prefer to sleep on your side, the patented design aids in relaxation and sleep.

The cushion can be inflated in just three or four puffs and is small and portable. And what’s this? For even more maneuverability, it can easily be fastened to your luggage. This is all for $39.90.

Final judgment: Side sleepers and frequent travelers who struggle with the typical U-shaped pillow will benefit greatly from the Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow. The pillow is versatile since you can wear it over your shoulder, and it is a genuine cushion-on-the-go because it is small and simple to inflate.

Cabeau Air Evolution – Inflatable Compact Travel Pillow – Best Lightweight & Compact

Cabeau Air Evolution – Inflatable Compact Travel Pillow

Cabeau Air Evolution – Inflatable Compact Travel Pillow

Sub Title

  • Inflatable travel pillow
  • Super-Soft velour outer cover
  • Media Pouch to hold the phone
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Price: $24.88

A soda can-sized area will accommodate the Cabeau Air Evolution! No, this is not a made-up story. For travelers with limited luggage space, it is a small and lightweight option. This pillow may be attached to your luggage or kept in your handbag because of how compact it can fold.

Some people might be dubious about the product because it seems to trade comfort for functionality. Over 13,000 5-star reviews, however, seem to indicate the opposite.

To further customize the comfort around your neck, the Cabeau Air Evolution pillow also includes adjustable toggles. It also has high side supports to prevent your head from tumbling to one side, unlike other pillows on our list. Additionally, your head can be turned around to support your chin and neck if it tends to drop forward.

The $24.88 cushion also has a media pouch to keep your phone so you can use it hands-free while listening to music. It also has a lifetime warranty.

Conclusion: The Cabeau Air Evolution – Inflatable Compact Travel Pillow offers the best space-saving solutions available. For budget travelers and backpackers, it’s a fantastic choice. Although the pillow lacks some of the extra features found in some of the other pillows on this list, its comfort and compactness more than make up for this.

BCOZZY Kids- Travel Pillow – Best for kids

Sub Title

  • Chin/neck support
  • Lightweight and easy for children to carry
  • Innovative patented design
  • Lightweight and easy for children to carry
  • Price: $29.98

The caliber of a child’s sleep is indisputable for any parent. Everywhere—at home, in the nursery, when traveling. The innovative design of the BCOZZY Kids travel pillow prevents a child’s head from slipping forward by providing chin and neck support.

Additionally, it has overlapping arms that are soft and comfortable and can be adjusted to fit your child’s neck. This function allows your child to keep the same cushion as they get older.

Both car seats and airplane seats can accommodate the BCOZZY. BCOZZY will undoubtedly make traveling with your kids fun only $29.99 and comes with a full guarantee.

The 1,425 reviews on Amazon, which give this pillow an average rating of 4.7 stars, serve as proof. In the words of one such contented parent, “My toddler knew just what to do with this pillow. She was ecstatic, and so were we. It is absurdly soft. She can move about comfortably in the car seat with it on. Even though she is not driving, she uses it for the majority of the day. She adores her car pillow, and it makes us feel more at ease when she nods off while we’re driving. I was not expecting to be as impressed as I am. Worth the price, without a doubt!”

The BCOZZY Kids Travel Pillow is safe and comfortable to use, in our opinion. As your child develops, you won’t have to worry about buying a new pillow every year thanks to the adjustability feature. It’s not like that. It has a nice aesthetic appeal because your child can pick from a variety of colorful colors. And keep in mind that it offers a complete guarantee if you have any questions at all!

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to consider when buying a travel pillow

Buyer’s Guide: Things to take into account while purchasing a travel pillow
There are a ton of travel pillows on the Australian market, and each company makes enticing advantages over the competition. To help you find a travel cushion that fits you, we’ve compiled a list of essential considerations.


Your comfort is the primary goal of a travel pillow, thus this need must be accomplished! Nevertheless, everyone has different levels of comfort, so be sure to look for features like adjustable toggles to customize the fit.

The size, form, and filling of the cushion are just a few of the many elements that can make or break its level of comfort. For instance, side sleepers might not be comfortable with a standard U-shaped pillow, but they might fare better with a product like the Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow. The memory foam cushion is therefore probably more comfortable than the inflated pillow, yet the inflatable pillow might be more space-saving. This trade-off will require a decision from you.


Not all pillows are supportive or pleasant. Finding a cushion that cradles your head will help you avoid back and neck pain if support is your first priority.

Many of the pillows on the list above were created with stability in mind as you nod off. Purchase a pillow with chin and neck support if your head has a tendency to fall forward. If your head protrudes to the side, opt for a pillow with raised sides to provide your head more support.

A cushion with adjustability characteristics will allow you to customize it to your preferences and provide further assurance that your head is well-supported.


Literally speaking, traveling entails a lot of baggage. In addition, carrying a cushion could seem like too much of a burden. Inflatable pillows are an easy way to conserve space if you are a light traveler or backpacker. But there’s a problem. Memory foam pillows that aren’t inflated are more comfy. Choose a cushion accordingly, taking into account how much you wish to carry on your upcoming hikes and road excursions.


Buy a washable travel pillow if you travel frequently or care about cleanliness. What we mean is that certain pillows have detachable coverings that are simple to wash in a washing machine. This may seem like a minor detail, but it will keep your cushion neat and organized for prolonged use.


Obviously, this is a non-starter. Go for inexpensive pillows if cost is an issue, but if you choose to spend a bit more, the world of travel pillows is yours.


The greatest travel pillows in Australia are now complete. Keep in mind that if you take into account all of these factors while selecting your pillow, your future self will thank you.

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