Australia’s Best Dog Beds

Do you need a new dog bed? For every breed of dog, we’ve selected Australia’s top dog beds, from sturdy beds to orthopedic options.

Since we’ve been providing you with useful information about human bedding, we’ve decided to switch things up a little. Our canine buddies also require a comfortable mattress in order to sleep soundly at night. Although your dog may enjoy cuddling up in your bed, the option of sleeping in his or her own bed should be available.

Each dog has unique requirements and preferences, just like people do. Some dogs prefer to sprawl out on a rectangular bed, while others prefer the comfortable padding of a cave bed, and some require an orthopedic bed.

In this guide to picking the ideal bed for your dog, we’ve looked far and wide for the best dog beds that are currently on the Australian market in 2022. So take a seat back, unwind, and continue reading to discover the greatest dog beds of the year!

Discover our picks: Australia’s Best Dog Beds

Ambient Lounge Luxury Dog Bed

Ambient Lounge Luxury Dog Bed
  • Size: S, M, L
  • Waterproof & Chew resistant base
  • Washable Zip-off Faux Fur Surface.
  • Durable construction (Designed to last up to 40yrs)
  • Lush faux fur top for extra comfort

Pet Terrain – Luxury Dog Bed

Pet Terrain - Luxury Dog Bed
  • Size: S, M, L
  • Water resistant and ultra-soft velvet material casing
  • Reversible cushion for year-round comfort
  • Ergonomically designed for all sleeping positions
  • Sturdy construction

Its Bed Time Plush Dozer Rectangle Dog Bed

Its Bed Time Plush Dozer Rectangle Dog Bed
  • Size: S, M, L
  • Multiple color options
  • Made from soft breathable plush fabric
  • Raised bedsides with non-skid bottom

Sealy Dog Bed with Quad Layer Technology

Sealy Dog Bed with Quad Layer Technology
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Premium orthopedic dog bed with 3-layer memory foam
  • Suitable for dogs with arthritis, joint or bone problems
  • Machine washable
  • Charcoal base to absorb odor

Zenify Pets Calming Dog Bed

Zenify Pets Calming Dog Bed
  • Size: 50cm, 60cm, 70cm
  • Made from soft faux fur
  • Eases pet’s anxiety
  • Breathable design suitable for all seasons
  • Made from non-toxic material
  • Washable & easy to clean

LaiFug Jumbo Memory Foam Pet/Dog Bed

LaiFug Jumbo Memory Foam Pet/Dog Bed
  • Extra Large bed – 50” L x 36” W x 10” H
  • Orthopedic Memory Foam for support & comfort
  • Durable: Retains minimum 90% shape after 3 year usage
  • Removable/Washable outer cover
  • Double pillow design for left/right sleeping

The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo
  • Size: S, M, L
  • 7 inch off the ground elevation
  • Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric
  • Suitable for dogs up to 45 kg
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Exactly How We Selected THE BEST For You

There are many dog beds available, and we are aware that choosing the right one for your dog might be challenging.

The best seven dog beds were chosen after we evaluated dozens of dog beds. The greatest dog beds are those that are listed in this article. We took sure to offer options for all people, all budgets, and all canines.

We reviewed reviews from customers, investigated the companies that made the beds, and gathered as much information as we could about each of these dog beds. Without further ado, let’s check at this year’s top dog beds!

Sleeping Duck Dog Bed – Editor’s Choice

Sleeping Duck Best Dog Beds
  • Dimensions: Small, Medium, Large
  • Hyper-adaptive foam inner filling
  • 14-days return policy
  • Price: $200 to $350

The company Sleeping Duck takes pride in producing dog beds that are just as cozy as their mattresses for Australian cattle dogs.

The same Hyper-Adaptive foam which the company employs in its mattresses is used in the Sleeping Duck dog bed. Mattresses made of latex and memory foam are combined in the Hyper-Adaptive foam. It has all of the pressure-relieving and pain-relieving qualities of memory foam mattresses, yet feels equally as light and airy as latex mattresses.

This dog bed’s hyper-adaptive foam makes it incredibly breathable, keeping your dog cool while they sleep and making it more difficult for dust and dust mites to collect on the dog bed.

Small (66 x 48 x 15 cm), medium (84 x 64 x 15 cm), and big (115 x 90 x 15 cm) are the sizes available for the Sleeping Duck Dog Bed, which has a starting price of $200. Finding the ideal Sleeping Duck model for your Australian shepherd in one of these three sizes will be simple.

This dog bed has a 100% liquid-resistant inner lining. It will be simple to clean up any mess, regardless of whether it is spilled on, left outside in the rain, or your dog wets the bed.

Cleaning up any spills is simple because the bed’s cover is simple to wash. The cover only requires hand washing, leaving it outside to dry, then unzipping from the bed’s core.

Final Verdict: The Sleeping Duck Dog Bed might be your best option if you’re searching for the most comfy dog bed for your favorite furry Australian friend. This bed provides your dog with the same level of comfort that your mattress does because it is created with the same Hyper-Adaptive foam that Sleeping Duck uses in their mattress that is intended for humans.

Additionally, the bed is almost as enjoyable for you as it is for your pet to use because of how simple it is to clean. You won’t ever have to be concerned about the dog bed getting destroyed by any puppy accidents with this one!

Pet Terrain – Luxury Dog Bed – Best Value

Pet Terrain - Luxury Dog Bed
  • Dimensions: Medium, Large
  • Soft velvet-like outer cover with strong piping at bed seams and inner foam filling
  • Hair and water-resistant
  • 1-year warranty
  • Price: $88 to $110

This dog bed offers a ton of comfort and personalization possibilities in one affordable bundle!

No matter how big or little your Aussie dog is, this plush dog bed will fit him or her because it is available in medium (80 x 65 x 21 cm) and large (90 x 75 x 23 cm) sizes.

Your dog may enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to the reversible cushion on the Pet Terrain–Luxury Dog Bed. The velvet side keeps your pet warm in the winter, while the reverse side is constructed of a fabric that is incredibly breathable to keep your dog cool in the hot Australian summers.

Your dog will be really comfortable with this fluffy dog bed. Because of the raised sides and ample padding, your dog can sleep peacefully in a variety of positions while being surrounded by a ton of plush places to rest his or her head.

The bed may also be made into a flat cushion by folding down the raised edges. Messes are simple to spot clean because the cover is liquid and hair resistant. Additionally machine washable, the cover makes cleanup of larger messes simple.

This bed seems like it should cost at least a couple hundred dollars, right? Wrong! The price of this dog bed is only $88.45 despite having all of these qualities.

One pleased customer wrote a comment on Amazon praising the bed’s softness and padding. This client adores that the cover can be removed for washing and claims that both his or her dog and the bed get along famously.

Conclusion: At $88.45, the value of this dog bed is difficult to match. It is simple (and economical!) to design a really personalized sleeping space for your pet thanks to the reversible cushion and the ability to fold the edges of the bed down. It’s unknown how long the guarantee will continue, but it will cover any manufacturing flaws in this dog bed.

Snooza Orthobed Plush Grey (Small/Large)

Snooza Orthobed Plush Grey
  • Dimensions: Small, Large
  • Plush mock lambswool top, durable polyester back and convoluted foam filling
  • Non-slip base
  • Price: $89.99 to $139.99

For senior dogs, canines with mobility challenges, or canines with arthritis, this dog bed is ideal. It is offered in two sizes—small (87 x 60 x 7 cm) and large (120 x 87 x 7 cm)—and costs between $89.99 and $119.99.

The Snooza Orthobed is fully flat on the floor and has a modest profile. Even the smallest dogs will have no trouble getting into bed because your dog won’t have to climb over higher sides.

When your dog climbs into bed, the convoluted foam mattress will keep him or her cozy. Your dog’s bones and joints are supported by the mattress, keeping them pain-free.

The faux lambswool zip-up cover is simple to remove and clean by washing it.

One client gave the bed five stars on the Pet House website and said that her dog enjoys lying on it.

Although Snooza does not provide a warranty, they are willing to replace or repair products that have manufacturing flaws.

Conclusion: This orthopedic dog bed can be the best option if your pet friend is becoming older or having problems moving around. It can be more convenient and pain-free for your dog to fall asleep if he doesn’t have to climb into bed.

Snooza Big Dog Bed Chinchilla – Best For Large/Older Dogs

Snooza Big Dog Bed Chinchilla
  • Dimensions: Large (130cm L x 88cm W x 19cm H)
  • Ripstop PU fabric cover with 5cm memory foam top layer and 14 cm load bearing layer
  • Water resistant
  • Price: $399

Large canines were the focus of the design process for the Snooza Big Dog Bed. The bed is 130 cm by 88 cm by 19 cm in size.

It is constructed of memory foam, which conforms to the shapes of your dog’s body to offer optimal comfort and sturdy support. Big dogs need beds that give them the right support for their bones and joints because they are more likely to develop hip dysplasia and other skeletal problems.

The Snooze Big Dog Bed is ideal for older dogs as well because of the memory foam mattress. The memory foam gives your elderly pet’s sore joints a ton of padding.

Your dog won’t have any trouble climbing into this bed because it is flat on the floor and doesn’t have any higher sides.

The Snooza Big Dog Bed is liquid-resistant and has a cover that zips off for simple washing.

Once more, Snooza doesn’t provide a warranty, but they will replace or fix products that have manufacturing flaws.

The bed is soft and pleasant, according to a review posted on the MyPetWarehouse website by a happy buyer. Both the Rottweiler and Bull Mastiff that this anonymous reviewer owns adore the bed!

Conclusion: Due to its enormous size and extra-supportive padding, this bed is a great option for pet owners with large dogs. The correct bone and joint support is especially important for older dogs, therefore this dog bed is a terrific option for them as well!

Cara Pet Elevated Trampoline Pet Bed – Best for Outdoors

Cara Pet Elevated Trampoline Pet Bed
  • Dimensions: Small, Medium, Large
  • Powder-coated steel frame with breathable woven nylon cover
  • 5-year fabric warranty
  • Price: $34.95 to $54.95

The Cara Pet Elevated Trampoline Pet Bed is ideal if your pet spends the majority of his or her time outside.

This bed is elevated and doesn’t lay flat on the ground like the other beds in this article. Your dog can unwind in his or her own tiny hammock instead of sleeping on the warm ground.

Small (47 x 75 x 15 cm), medium (63 x 107 x 15 cm), and big (76 x 114 x 15 cm) are the three sizes available for this dog bed. For small, medium, and big, the costs are $34.95; $43.95; and $54.95 respectively.

The trampoline-inspired design of this bed is evident from its name. A powder-coated steel frame supports the permeable nylon sleeping surface.

The nylon has been enhanced for use outside. No worries if it occasionally gets caught in the rain because it won’t decay or mold. The weaved nylon also prevents ticks and fleas from reproducing within the cover.

A 5-year fabric warranty covers the Cara Pet Elevated Trampoline Pet Bed. UV deterioration is covered under the guarantee. You can get a replacement cover if the nylon eventually ages or splits from exposure to the sun.

Conclusion: This is a good dog bed for the outdoors. You won’t need to replace the bed if it occasionally gets caught in the rain thanks to the mold-resistant cover. Additionally, the cover prevents fleas and ticks from reproducing, keeping your outdoor dog scratch-free.

Even if you are exceedingly cautious about sun damage, the Cara Pet Elevated Trampoline Pet Bed’s manufacturers are aware that the hot Australian sun might harm the cover, as seen by the 5-year warranty.

Cuddler Silver Fox – Best calming dog bed

Cuddler Silver Fox
  • Dimensions: Small, Medium, Large, Extra large
  • 6 colour options
  • Vegan faux fur cover with recycled fibre and foam mix inner filling
  • Price: $89 to $229

Your dog seems tense. Does this person long for security? The Snooza’s Cuddler Silver Fox dog bed might be the best option for your dog if so.

Anxious pets can sink into the incredibly comfortable, long pile faux fur thanks to the bed’s deep sleeping surface. Your dog will feel safer on the bed thanks to its slightly raised outside edges.

Since Snooza is aware that anxious animals of all sizes exist, they have made every effort to make this bed available to dogs of all sizes. There are four different sizes available for this dog bed: small (30 x 50 cm), medium (45 x 70 cm), big (60 x 90 cm), and extra large (70 x 110 cm). Smalls cost $89.90, mediums cost $109.90, larges cost $179.90, and extra larges cost $229.90.

You may wash both the outer coverings and the filling of this bed because it can be completely machine washed.

Snooza does not provide a guarantee, but it will fix or replace things that have manufacturing flaws, much like with their other products on our list.

One pleased customer wrote in a comment on Snooza’s website that her two golden retrievers had previously preferred sleeping on the floor over any other dog beds they had tried, but now they enjoy unwinding in their Cuddler Silver Fox beds.

Conclusion: The Cuddler Silver Fox might be the best option if your dog is an anxious or shy rescue. The bed is made to make dogs feel safe, so your pet can sleep peacefully in it. Another major feature is that this dog bed can be completely machine washed.

Snooza D1000 Dog Bed – Best for chewers

Snooza D1000 Dog Bed
  • Dimensions: Small, Medium, Large, Extra large
  • 1000 Denier Teflon Coated Polyester Cover with recycled PET fibre and foam filling
  • Water-repellent
  • Price: $81 to $196

If your dog chews, you may have gone through several dog beds before giving up completely on the idea of finding one that your dog won’t rip to pieces. The Snooza D1000 Dog Bed could end up becoming your new best friend, though!

The tough denier fabric used to make this dog bed helps to avoid tearing. Even the coating is Teflon! This bed is sturdy, but it’s still cozy enough for your dog to sleep soundly.

The Snooza D1000 is 120 cm by 95 cm in size and costs $196.99.

The bed’s cover is entirely machine washable, making cleanup simple.

This bed will work for your little chewer whether they sleep inside or outside. This dog bed is made to withstand UV rays, repel water, and prevent flea infestations thanks to its denier fabric.

This bed has no warranty, but Snooza will replace or fix broken items.

On the website of My Pet Warehouse, one pleased customer wrote a review claiming that she purchased two of these beds 13 years ago and they are still in excellent condition. The beds have endured two Labrador pups who loved to gnaw on them, and numerous washings haven’t softened the material. The Snooza D1000 was even named as the finest dog bed by this reviewer!

Conclusion: Dogs who chew will love this bed. It’s nice that the bed may be used both indoors and outdoors because the durable fabric keeps the bed looking brand new for a very long time after purchase.

Buyer’s guide: Things to think about when purchasing a dog bed

How are you going to choose a dog bed if you can’t really ask your dog what kind of bed he or she prefers?

Continue reading for advice on choosing a bed that your dog will adore. When looking for dog beds, keep these things in mind:


You wouldn’t force a German Shepherd to sleep in a bed meant for a poodle, would you? Right! Consider your dog’s size while you seek for a new bed for him. A 30 by 50 centimeter bed, for instance, will be cozy for your pug, while a 70 x 110 cm bed will be just right for your lab. If your dog has some additional growing to do, compare the measurements of each bed you are thinking about to both his or her current size and the breed’s maximum size.


Dogs enjoy cozy, pleasant environments just as much as humans do. When choosing your dog’s bed, you must take into account all of his or her needs. You’ll need a strong material that won’t rip easily if your dog likes to chew. Additionally, you’ll need a bed made of weather-resistant fabric if your pet sleeps outside.

Age of your dog

An orthopedic mattress can be your best option if your dog is getting older. Investing in a solid dog bed can assist safeguard the bones and joints of your elderly pet, and a bed that sits flat on the floor will make it simple for your dog to enter and exit the bed.


There are many factors to take into account when purchasing a dog bed, but using the knowledge in this article will enable you to do so.

Please leave a comment below if you have any other queries.

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