Best Latex Mattress in Australia

A latex mattress is a good option if you’re looking for a bed that won’t harm the environment or your body because the globe is moving toward eco-friendly products. The latex mattress has it all: it cushions the body, eases back discomfort, encourages spinal alignment, is durable, and is a top eco-product.

To tell you whether latex mattresses are worth your money, we investigated all of the options available in Australia. Here are our top five choices.

Australia’s Best Latex Mattress: Ranked & Rated

  • Peacelily Mattress

    peacelily mattress
    • 100% natural Dunlop latex
    • Organic cotton outer fabric
    • Adjustable firmness (medium or firm)
    • 100-night risk-free trial
    • 25-year warranty
  • Pure Support Latex Mattress

    Pure Support Latex Mattress
    • 20cm latex core
    • Quilted bamboo cover
    • Medium/Firm firmness
    • 7 posture supporting zones
    • 21-year warranty
    • Oldest latex mattress brand in Australia
  • Quokkabeds Latex Mattress

    Quokkabeds Latex Mattress
    • 100% GOLS Organic Natural Latex
    • 3 firmness (medium, medium-firm, firm)
    • 100-night comfort guarantee
    • 20-year warranty
  • Noa Luxe Mattress

    Noa Luxe Mattress
    • Hybrid construction (latex , memory foam, pocket coil)
    • Medium-firm (7/10)
    • 100-night trial
    • 15-year warranty
    • Free shipping

Latex Mattresses – What you need to know

Since latex is entirely natural and derived from the sap of the rubber tree, it provides a number of inherent benefits. It has a built-in resistance to dust mites, mold, and other allergies. It has a built-in resistance to fire. It does not emit an unpleasant smell right away, and it does not emit harmful fumes over time. It is ideal for Australia’s warm climate because of its open-cell construction, which encourages airflow and keeps the surface cool and hygienic to sleep on.

Again, latex does a fantastic job of isolating motion because of its inherent resilience. This allows your lover to get that midnight chocolate without disturbing you while you’re trying to sleep.

But how comfortable is a latex mattress? quite fantastic The latex’s inherent springiness allows you to gently sink into it and instantly counteracts it with a buoyant feeling. By applying just the proper amount of pressure to the heavier and lighter regions of the body and preventing pressure points from forming, it also promotes the spine’s natural curve.

Thus, latex mattresses are frequently suggested by osteopathic physicians, physical therapists, and chiropractors as pain relievers. In fact, pain prevention and decrease have been reported by 1/3 of those who use all-latex beds. Another benefit of longevity is that it can last you for 10 to 12 years.

There are drawbacks, but none that are harmful, in our opinion. One is that it is more difficult to lift and install than other types of mattresses. Second, the cost is higher. Three: If it is combined with other materials, its benefits may change.

1. Peacelily Mattress – Editor’s Pick

Peacelily Mattress – best Latex Mattresses

Our editor’s choice is the Peacelily Mattress (formerly Fern Earth), which features the highest quality 100% natural Dunlop latex, a 25-year warranty that leads the industry, a 100-night trial period, and fair pricing. In actuality, it makes use of the same kind of latex as mattresses with price tags that are double or even quadruple those of its. The flippable design of the Peacelily Mattress, which gives you the option of firm or medium firmness, is another noteworthy feature.

100% organic cotton and cotton wadding, as well as Dunlop latex, are used to make the mattress. These two materials are renowned for their strength, adaptability, comfort, and temperature regulation. Even the glue used by Peacelily to assemble the three mattress layers is made entirely of natural latex. The fact that their mattress is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, the foremost independent material testing organization, attests to the naturalness of their products.

There are three different firmness settings on the Peacelily Mattress. The bottom side is firm, while the upper side is medium-firm (signified by an M symbol and F symbol respectively). Also, you may enhance your Peacelily mattress by adding a foam topper if you want something particularly soft.

The starting price for a single is $849, and the starting price for a king is $1,499, which includes free shipping. Your purchase is basically risk-free thanks to the mattress’s 25-year warranty and 100-night trial period! But if the mattress’s stellar customer reviews are any indication, we doubt you’ll send it back.

On the Peacelily website, Chris wrote: “I feel rested every day. This mattress is the finest one I’ve ever used so far. I will suggest this to all of my family and friends (so please order more!).

A few customers complained that the mattress was a touch too firm for them, but this is again a matter of personal opinion, and you have a full 100 days to test it out for free.

Last word: This mattress is the editor’s choice due to its reasonable price, good physical support, and usage of high-quality latex. This mattress is fantastic, and we know you will agree.

2. Pure Support Latex Mattress – Best Splurge

Pure Support Latex Mattress

Pure Support latex mattress is the best option for Australians wishing to spend on a latex mattress. The mattress has seven sophisticated support zones that conform to particular body parts for individualized comfort. Also encouraged by chiropractors, this spine-aligning function tries to keep you supported comfortably and lessen painful areas.

Despite being the most expensive mattress (beginning at $3695 and $7395 for the king), it is presently on sale for up to $2000 off. Since it has been Pure Support’s top seller for the past 65 years and was most recently named “Mattress of The Year 2020” by Productreview, this mattress is worth the money.

This mattress was made entirely out of natural materials. Also, it is entirely chemical-free and fully reversible. Each mattress is outfitted with a plush, machine-washable quilted bamboo cover. Because bamboo repels moisture, the mattress may stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which is perfect for the Australian climate.

The mattress appeals to a variety of interests because it comes in either a medium or firm firmness level. Yet, if you’re still unsure, the company offers a “sleep consultation,” which allows you to call, schedule an appointment, and test out various mattresses to see which density is best for you. Brisbane and Sydney both offer showrooms where you can try out their products in person. In their showrooms in Brisbane and Sydney, you may try the mattress out for yourself.

The mattress is available in a wide range of sizes, and if you have special requirements, you can ask about bespoke sizes. Since the mattresses are custom-made to order, Pure Support does not give returns, but they do provide a 21-year guarantee.

On Productreview, it has received over 346 reviews and receives a 4.9 star rating. The Latex Australia Pure Support mattress exceeds all of our expectations, according to Mosman from Sydney. Our needs are met while maintaining a modest profile, and it provides excellent all-around support and comfort. We are pleased with the service we received at the time of purchase and anticipate 21 years of restful sleep.

Conclusion: If you’re seeking for the best latex mattress in Australia and money isn’t an issue, the Pure support latex mattress is an obvious choice. We appreciate that the business provides a sleep consultation and offers custom sizing so you can discover the ideal fit for your needs.

3. Zenna Latex Mattress – Best Value

Zenna Latex Mattress

Zenna pure latex mattress proves that latex mattresses don’t have to be prohibitively expensive. It surely doesn’t get any worse with the queen size costing just under $1600 with free shipping. The Zenna pure latex mattress has also won the 2020 Mattress Award from, much like our top pick (Pure Support).

It provides you with a true latex mattress experience that is supportive, bouncy, and pleasant without the high price tag because it is made from a single block of 100% natural latex with no layers or filler material.

The mattress is constructed in accordance with stringent European regulations using only all-organic, eco-friendly Oeko-tex class 1 latex. Also, the German ECO INSTITUT certification confirms the latex mattress’s 100% natural composition and absence of any harmful materials. The Zenna comes with a removable, machine-washable bamboo cover that is incredibly comfortable and breathable.

The Zenna mattress contains seven distinct support zones to make sure the essential body parts are properly supported. For instance, the hip region has a softer zone, while the area where the head rests has a stiffer zone. The mattress is categorized as medium-firm by default, however it may be turned over for a firmer experience.

Consumers appeared to be really satisfied with their purchases, and the Zenna receives a 4.9 star rating out of 96 reviews. After reading reviews and looking into other mattresses, we purchased our Zenna mattress, according to Christine on ProductReview. It’s been our mattress for a year and is without a doubt the most comfortable one we’ve ever used. I adore how cozy and supportive it is in the winter and how well our current sleeping patterns are. At the register, I tried the latex pillow and was very happy with it. I will now purchase more for the rest of the family.

A designer for Zenna further stated, “This bed definitely offers the best value that I have ever seen.”

Rates for a single room start at $995.00 and go up to $1795.00 for a king. If you’re not satisfied with the mattress after 100 nights of use, Zenna will accept it back and issue a full refund. The Zenna has a 10-year warranty and an expected lifespan of 20 to 25 years. For simple shipping, the mattress is vacuum-packed and rolled.

Final judgment: The Zenna pure latex mattress strikes the ideal combination between comfort, cost, and durability. It is appropriate for a variety of sleepers, including back, side, front, and combo sleepers, thanks to the dual firmness settings, and it is a risk-free purchase thanks to the 100-day sleep trial.

4. Quokka beds Latex Mattress – Most Customisable

Quokka beds Latex Mattress

Are you a fussy sleeper? Or do you have strong preferences for how firm your bed should be? Then tune in! The mattress of the Quokkabed has many layers that you may reposition and stack on top of one another to customize the hardness and feel of the bed to meet your specific requirements.

You must select the height and feel of the mattress when making your purchase. The majority of customers appear to be happy with the 16 cm (2 layers) option because it is designed to offer adequate comfort and support, but the 24 cm (3 layers) option will add a more opulent feel and offer more customization options. You must decide between medium and medium-firm in terms of firmness. Moreover, you can build a medium-firm by rearranging the layers

The business also provides a 100-night comfort guarantee, as part of which they supply an extra layer so you can further adjust the mattress’ firmness without having to pay extra. The mattress cannot be returned for a full refund, however with the wide range of customization possibilities, we don’t believe you would need that.

In addition to using 100% organic cotton for the bed cover, Quokkabeds also uses 100% organic Dunlop latex from sustainable forests in Vietnam. They are certified by both GOTS and eco-INSTITUT. They all have beds made in Western Australia.

Costs begin at $1350, and a 20-year warranty is included with the mattress (which means if there is more than 20mm of sagging in the mattress, they will replace it free of charge).

They have 33 independent reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. “The mattress is incredibly comfy and easy to install,” Stefanie wrote on ProductReview. I enjoy that you can adjust the firmness of the mattress by moving the layers around because it is supportive for my back.

Final judgment: We adore how adaptable this mattress is to different needs and preferences. This mattress is adaptable and ideal for all types of sleepers due to the option to swap out the layers.

5. Noa Luxe Mattress – Best Hybrid Latex Mattress

Noa Luxe Mattress

One of the greatest hybrid mattresses we identified is the Noa Luxe Mattress, which is not made entirely of latex. What makes hybrid a wise choice? It offers the support of conventional innerspring mattresses while having the softness and shaping qualities of latex. This is excellent for people who weigh more than 105 kg because the inner coil layer provides more support.

A number of layers, including micro-coils, gel memory foam, and charcoal latex, are used to create the mattress. The mattress is extremely breathable, ergonomic, cozy, and cool thanks to these unique layers. The mattress is between the numbers 7-8 on a scale of 1 to 10, which also happens to be the goldilocks zone for most Australians.

Costs for the Single size start at $799, and it has a 100-night trial period and a 15-year warranty. Customers appear to adore the product overall.

It’s my first time buying a mattress online without first trying it out, says happy customer Navneet. I don’t regret making this purchase. The mattress is actually moderately firm, and I no longer get backaches. Excellent customer service is provided; all of your questions are swiftly answered. I heartily suggest this firm and goods.

Last word: The Noa luxurious mattress is constructed of premium components like individually wrapped coils, gel memory foam, charcoal latex, and micro-coils. In addition, because of its average firmness, it is excellent for all sleeping positions, including back, side, stomach, and combo. Also, it is quite supportive and a wonderful option for heavier persons because it combines classic coil with numerous layers. This won’t be the best option for you, though, if you’re looking for a mattress that is entirely natural or organic.

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider when buying Latex Mattress

Here is a rundown of everything you should think about before making the commitment to purchase your ideal latex mattress.

Quality of the latex: organic, natural or synthetic?

1.The Hevea Brasiliensis tree, from which organic latex is derived, is grown without the use of pesticides. Depending on how the substance is processed, it may receive the certified organic tick (using no chemicals). These are generally more expensive, but you are getting what you paid for because it is entirely made from natural resources. Eco-warriors should choose this because it is completely non-toxic and beneficial to the environment.

2.The Hevea Brasiliensis tree is still the source of natural latex, but now the tree is grown with the help of pesticides, and the latex is extracted using conventional farming methods. Although though natural latex contains some chemicals, it is still a fantastic material option because it is still derived from plants.

3.Non-natural latex, on the other hand, is a synthetically created form of latex that is designed to resemble the feel and appearance of natural latex.

Most mattresses are either entirely natural or organic or a blend of natural and synthetic materials. Although it is uncommon, it is possible for a mattress to be entirely synthetic, so be sure to inquire before making a purchase.

So which choice is ideal? A natural/synthetic blend or a mattress that is entirely organic? In the end, it depends on your preferences. Manufacturers combine natural and synthetic latex because the mixture is more flexible and allows them to more easily shape the mattress to their specifications. Pure organic and natural latex, however, is safer for the environment and human health.

Dunlop vs. Talalay latex

One of two methods can be used to transform the white milky latex result into a useful substance. The first is the Dunlop technique, which involves whipping latex extract into a froth before injecting it into a mold and baking it. As a result, a rather dense but strong latex is produced. The Talalay process, the second approach, also whips and foams the latex but only partially fills the mold. The latex expands as a result of the vacuum sealing of the mold, filling the remaining space in the mold. The mold is then quickly frozen, producing latex that is more light and airy.

The two procedures’ differences seldom make a significant difference in the final output. Hence, Talalay foam is more elastic and bouncy in compared to Dunlop foam, which is denser and more springy. Talalay is less popular than Dunlop foam, though.


It only takes some trial and error because everyone has a distinct preference for how firm they like their bed to be. Others prefer soft beds, while some prefer really firm ones.

If you already know the firmness you prefer, you can ask the manufacturer about this since firmness is typically measured by mass per unit volume (kg/m3) and the hardness of a mattress is measured by kPa (kilo-pascal) or ILD (indentation load deflection). The quantity of pinholes in the mattress is a better indicator of firmness. The positioning, quantity, and size of the pinholes are all done on purpose to achieve a variety of softness and body-support levels.

Making sure you get the ideal latex mattress for you is important because it is an investment that will last for ten years. Many purchases are risk-free in this sense because the majority of businesses offer a “sleep trial” period where you can test the mattress and return it if you’re not satisfied.


The highest-grade latex mattresses will be certified. That tiny tick serves as proof that it has passed all the rigorous examinations. These certifications are given by international organizations like GOTS and eco-INSTITUT, which take their responsibility to maintain latex as a premium commodity extremely seriously. Thus it’s a very positive sign if a mattress has been recommended.


Most latex mattresses have a 15-year warranty minimum, but some go as long as 25 years. Although latex can be used for at least 10 years, anything above 15 years should provide adequate protection.


Although latex mattresses are typically more expensive than traditional mattresses, they are typically much more durable. Costs start at $800 and go up to $8,000. Cheaper mattresses typically employ fewer natural materials and less supporting elements. More design and a greater number of distinct “support zones” that cater to the various body parts as you sleep can be found in more expensive mattresses.


Although there is a lot of material here, we hope you found something useful and are contemplating switching to a latex mattress. We hope one of the mattresses on this list peaked your attention if you were already persuaded.

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