Best Mattress in a Box Australia

You want to get a new mattress, but the pandemic prevents you from going out in public or entering stores. I tell you what. You are not required. Simply place an online order for a best mattress in a box.

What’s a mattress-in-a-box and how is it better than mattresses sold offline?

  • A bed that is compressed, rolled up, and boxed when it is delivered to your home is known as a “mattress-in-a-box.” You may unpack the mattress, lay it on the platform, and let it inflate all by yourself because of this. All of this can be done with a few clicks.
  • You can test them out at home for up to 120 days before deciding whether to retain them or send them back. This gives you plenty of time to think things over. According to a survey, people are less inclined to choose a comfy mattress in a showroom environment. Experiments conducted in a natural context, such as a house, were successful.
  • Simply put, they are less expensive since these firms don’t have the overhead associated with maintaining physical stores.
  • Because to the lack of a physical front, bed-in-a-box brands are often recognized to provide strong customer service.
  • These beds are really unique and were created after doing in-depth consumer research to either help you sleep cool or even allow you to customize the firmness.

Hence, after comparing several mattresses based on comfort, firmness, returns, and guarantee, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 mattresses in a box in Australia.

Australia’s Best Mattresses in a Box – Reviewed

See below for a thorough review of each brand of bed in a box.

  • Ecosa Mattress

    Ecosa Mattress
    • All foam construction made from eco-friendly materials
    • Adjustable firmness – medium, medium-firm, firm
    • Suitable for all sleeping positions; Back, Side & Front
    • Offers good back support
    • Industry leading 15-year warranty
    • 100-night risk free sleep trial
  • Koala Mattress

    Koala Mattress
    • Made from patented Kcloudcell foam
    • Offers good balance of sink & bounce
    • Medium-firm firmness
    • Open-cell structure foam offers a cooler sleeping
    • 120-night sleep trial with 10-year warranty
    • Free shipping
  • Emma Sleep

    Emma Sleep Mattress in a Box Australia
    • Made from all-natural eco-friendly foam
    • 3-layered foam with 7-zones offers full body support
    • Pressure relieving with excellent motion isolation
    • Designed & made in Germany
    • 100-night trial, 10-year warranty & Free Shipping
  • Sleeping Duck Mach II

    Sleeping Duck Mach II Best Mattresses in a Box
    • Made from antigravity foam & multi-zoned steel spring
    • Customisable firmness with interchangeable firmness pads
    • Four firmness levels: Extra soft, Medium, Firm & Extra firm
    • 100-night trial with free delivery & returns
    • 10-year warranty

1. Ecosa Mattress – Best Mattresses in a Box Editor’s Pick Adjustable firmness

Ecosa Mattress Mattress in a Box Australia

Ecosa is a package of bliss. It has customer-approved back support, dual covers, an extensive guarantee, four-hour shipping in major cities, and wheels and handles to make moving it around simple. It also has adjustable firmness.

This implies that Ecosa can meet all of your immediate and long-term needs, regardless of whether you like to sleep on your stomach, back, or side, or if your preferred sleeping position has changed over time or you have back pain.

Although Ecosa is medium-firm when it is delivered, you can adjust the stiffness a little bit. To access the layers within, zip open the cover. You’ll see layers of “medium” memory foam, “bouncier” latex, and “harder” polyfoam at the bottom. Replace the top layer with the required hardness and zip it back up. Who wouldn’t want three different adjustment options for the price of one?

The Ecosa is our editor’s pick because, despite being an all-foam bed in a box, it provides a cool and motion-isolating sleeping surface. This is possible because of the open-cell foam that is made exclusively for them. Two covers are included with this innovation to keep the bed clean, watertight, and allergy-free.

The price, which ranges from $799 to $1,449., is reasonable. It offers a 100-day trial period, a 15-year warranty, 0.78′′ of sagging coverage, and seven sizes. We would want to issue you with a warning before you proceed to click the “Buy now” button, though. The stiffness and edge support are insufficient to prevent the heavier sleepers from sinking.

This is what a user said in a review on

Although I was skeptical, I am very happy that I did get a mattress in a box. I didn’t need anything more than this mattress to support me through the night. I frequently wake up aching because of all the joint and back pain that Ankylosing Spondylitis has caused me. But after getting this mattress, my morning stiffness has decreased from an 8 to a 3.

2. Koala Mattress – Balanced Comfort

Koala Mattress in a Box Australia

Are you seeking a bed that strikes the ideal mix between softness and firmness? If so, choose Koala bed-in-a-box, which says it has discovered the “Goldilocks Zone.”

Kloudcell, a foam they created internally to mimic the characteristics of both memory foam and latex, is the key. The result is a shirt that gently cradles the body and is bouncy, breathable, and cool. Five zones and an Ecofoam layer support it from below. Together, these foams help to distribute body weight, relieve back pain, maintain the body aligned from the shoulders to the hips, and isolate undesired movements.

Koala will satiate the majority of sleepers thanks to its Goldilocks Zone, including overweight people. Although there are no spring coils or hard foam inside, heavy people should be aware that they may experience sagging when getting up or sitting at the edge.

Koala earns high marks from us despite this flaw. With purchases of $750 and more, it provides hotel-like comfort, a 120-night risk-free trial, a 10-year warranty (covering sag of 1 inch or more), and free same-day delivery to urban areas. Of course, it ships in a small box as well.

Two more things ought to be known. One is that Koala is primarily created responsibly in Australia. Two, the optimal time to use this luxury bed is 24 hours after it is unboxed.

An enthusiastic Productreview user shares:

It supports my back well and is really comfortable. It retains the form and firmness and improves my nighttime sleep. I typically wake up with aching necks or headaches, but ever since switching to Koala mattresses and pillows, I’ve had restful nights of sleep.

3. Sleeping Duck Mach II – Most customizable Personalised comfort

Sleeping Duck Mach II mattress in a Box Australia

The Sleeping Duck Mach II is the most expensive mattress in a box in Australia, with prices starting at $999 for a single bed, but don’t pass judgment just yet. It enables you to completely customize your mattress, from side to side. Outdo that! Twelve foam segments—six for each half of the bed—are included and can be rearranged to create the desired level of top firmness. Therefore avoid fighting among couples and bed companions!

The layer of latex and its wonderful bounce are added right after that. Also, a 5-zone pocket spring basis that supports the head, shoulders, back, hips, lower back, legs, knees, and feet and ankles strengthens the previous structure. Forget about sinking or rolling off the bed because the spring is employed all the way to the edges. The bed’s shape and hardness are also held in place for a long time by the spring base.

There is nothing wrong with this mattress-in-a-box that allows you to personalize your sleeping surface. This makes Sleeping Duck a revolution along with a 100-night home trial, free customization service included throughout that time, and a 10-year warranty covering sagging of 1′′ or more.

Similar to what this customer writes on ProductReview:

Bursitis in both hips has kept me awake many nights in the past. I can now sleep on my back comfortably and supported thanks to the Sleeping Duck mattress. I initially chose the medium topper before switching to the firm one, and I now find the mattress to be very pleasant. My side-sleeping husband has continued to use the medium topper and is also getting good sleep.

4. Noa Original – Best Mattress in a Box Australia​ (Hybrid)

Noa Original best mattress in a Box Australia

The Internet is a fascinating environment. We discovered a queen-size mattress-in-a-box for about $750 that is equally as comfy and long-lasting as beds that cost $1,000 or more. The hybrid construction of Noa Original makes it a bed-in-a-box that offers good value for the money.

1″ of natural latex is placed on top, 2″ of gel-infused memory foam is placed in the middle, and the base is made up of pocket springs. Therefore the spring provides a secure, breathable, and motion-free surface to rest on, latex makes the bed cool and bouncy, and foam responds to the body and adjusts to relieve pressure points.

Noa is a medium-firm mattress that is suitable for people who want to sleep on their backs, stomachs, or in between. But, because Noa isn’t quite firm enough for huge individuals to be comfortable, we wouldn’t advise it for them.

Leaving that aside, Noa has everything needed to be a good mattress in a box on a tight budget. It costs between $499 and $899, is available in five sizes, gives a generous 15-year warranty with a 1-inch sagging coverage, and comes with a 100-day sleep trial.

Despite one user complaining about bad customer service, most reviewers have given Noa Original a positive rating:

I’ve never owned a mattress as comfy as this one, and I’ve slept better than ever. Excellent comfort, and it doesn’t sag as you approach the edge. Very helpful and efficient delivery.

5. Noa Lite – Bargain Pick Mattress in a Box

Noa Lite – Bargain Pick Mattress in a Box

Another hybrid mattress from Noa’s creators offers restful sleep without breaking the budget. What distinguishes Noa Original from Noa Lite, then?

Noa Lite, which now starts at $549, is far less expensive than Noa Original. Two, it’s firmer while yet being thinner, making it ideal for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers might need to add more padding under their shoulders and hips due to the mattress’ stiffness, which is caused by the lack of a latex layer.

Nonetheless, Lite offers all the benefits of a Noa mattress. The bed stays cool thanks to the top layer of cooling gel memory foam, which also gently cradles your body. The adaptive transition foam in the intermediate layer minimizes partner movement and bed disruptions. The pocket springs that make up the base give the mattress some bounce, while the mesh that surrounds them circulates the air. Noa obviously doesn’t want the punishing Australian heat to keep you up at night.

You would have expected Noa to use Light as a cheapskate, but she didn’t. It provides the same high-quality experience every night and is long-lasting. The spring base’s outer perimeter is covered with high-density foam, which keeps the mattress from drooping.

Our impression of its terms and conditions is the same. Noa Lite offers a 100-night trial period, a 15-year warranty that covers sagging of 1 inch or more, free shipment within 3–7 days, hassle-free returns, and, of course, it arrives in a box at your door. It costs $549.

Read this client’s evaluation posted on the Noa website:

This is the first bed we purchased for my daughter, and it’s fantastic! Everything was simple, from the cost through ordering and delivery. I’m pleased we went with a spring/foam mix for lifespan because it’s quite comfy. My favorite feature is that I can get out of bed without waking her up.

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider before buying a mattress-in-a-box

We completely understand if you are nervous about purchasing a mattress online because you have never done it before. We are reducing the parameters to make it easier for you to decide because of this.


Whether you shop offline or online, this is a certainty. Mattress-in-a-box companies provide beds in a variety of firmness levels, including firm, medium-firm, and not-too-firm. The fact that some of them allow you to move the foam layers inside to change the hardness of your bed makes them even better. Since it accommodates combination sleepers, unexpected visitors, and persons whose sleeping habits have changed over time, it is obviously helpful.

According to popular belief, side sleepers, who like to sink a little into their bed and feel “hugged,” prefer soft mattresses. The global degree of comfort is described as medium to medium-firm because it offers a nice balance of support, comfort, and hardness. It is comfortable for a variety of sleepers, with medium-firm mattresses being especially popular with those seeking relief from chronic back discomfort. Firm mattresses typically feel comfortable and offer full-body support, making them a popular choice for heavy individuals. A bed with adjustable firmness would be preferable for couples, siblings, and bed mates.


The three main components of a mattress are latex, memory foam, and springs. Yet how they work together to create a bed that is pleasant, supporting, responsive, cool, breathable, free of allergies, and without partner motions is the key to a great night’s sleep.

Mattresses made entirely of foam are popular among stomach sleepers, however they are known to grow warm. But a foam mattress tends to sleep cooler if it also contains latex. Hybrid mattresses are currently popular, nevertheless. They typically have layers of foam/foam-latex on top and a base of pocket springs encased in high-density foam. This position shapes the body of the sleeper and keeps him or her supported throughout the night.


The only other assurance you have if a mattress fails you after the sleep trial is complete is its guarantee. The majority of mattress-in-a-box manufacturers include a 10- to 15-year warranty that covers sagging of 0.78 inches or more.


Customer service, returns, and refunds may make or break an internet purchase. The majority of mattress-in-a-box companies are really sincere about this. The teams pick up your return for free if you stay in a major city like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or Adelaide. But, if you reside in a remote town, you will be required to deliver it to the closest depot and may or may not be required to pay for return shipping. If the product is returned within either scenario, you will be given a full refund.

Wrapping Up

Mattress-in-a-box shopping is quick, simple, convenient, innovative, and full of potential. so begin scrolling up once more!

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