Best Mattresses for Back Pain in Australia 2023

What’s worse than a restless night’s sleep, you ask? It is to experience backache and a groggy awakening! Perhaps you overexercised. You shifted a large object. Or perhaps you were just using the wrong mattress. Today we have listed the best mattresses for back pain to make sure you don’t have to suffer ever again.

While looking for a mattress to relieve back discomfort, a generic approach will not do. Before raising a bill, you must take into account your body type and weight and use trial and error. This is where internet mattress retailers outperform traditional retailers. You can purchase them online, test them out for at least 100 days, and then decide whether to keep them or return/replace them based on your results. On the other side, offline purchasing frequently doesn’t provide home trials and making arrangements for returns isn’t as simple.

2023’s best mattresses for bad backs in Australia

Editor’s Pick

Ergoflex 5G Mattress

Queen: $1,529 $1,024
Coupon code: EASTER


  • Recommended by leading Aussie back doctor – Dr. Bibek Casey
  • Great for lower and upper back pain or neck pain
  • True HD memory foam construction
  • Established in 2006 with thousands of 5* Reviews
  • 10-year warranty with a 30-day sleep trial

Adjustable Firmness

Ecosa Mattress

Queen: $1,099 $899
Coupon code: EC200


  • Adjustable Firmness (Firm, Medium-firm, Firm)
  • Engineered to keep the spine aligned & pressure points supported
  • High-density G-7 memory foam
  • Waterproof & Dust mite free
  • 15-year warranty with a 100-day trial
  • Free delivery

Best Pressure Relieving (Eco-friendly)

Emma Original Mattress

Queen: $999 $521 

Coupon code: EASTER5


  • 7 zone foam delivers full body support & back pain relief
  • Made from breathable eco-friendly hyperfoam
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Over 1 million mattresses sold worldwide
  • 10-year warranty with a 100-day trial
  • Free delivery

Exceptional Value

Noa Mattress

Queen: $1,099 $749

Coupon code: HOPE


  • Hybrid construction (latex, memory foam and pocket springs)
  • Deep pressure relief, supportive
  • Excellent edge support
  • 15-year warranty with a 100-day trial
  • Free delivery

Best Cooling

Macoda Mattress

Queen: $1,100


  • Zoned support for targeted pressure relief
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Cooling gel beads to sleep cool
  • Hybrid construction (Foam + Pocket spring)
  • 10-year warranty with a 100-day trial
  • Free delivery​

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Back Pain

Memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses manufactured with inner coils have been proven to somewhat effectively relieve back pain since they should maintain the spine’s alignment and avoid the development of pressure points. Hybrid mattresses also have the added benefit of making you sleep cooler.

A medium-firm bed is a common choice in terms of firmness. Yet, a firm mattress is preferable if you tend to be heavier. The mattress should be able to provide proper spinal support regardless of firmness. The important phrase is that.

Individual Mattress Reviews

Let’s go over why these mattresses are the greatest in Australia for relieving lower and upper back pain as well as what makes them unique from one another. Many types of sleepers with terrible backs, including side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers as well as those who sleep hot or cool, can benefit from our recommendations, which have adjustable firmness.

Top Mattresses for Back Pain Relief & Back Support – Reviewed

1. Ergoflex 5G Mattress – Editor’s Pick Best Mattresses for Back Pain Relief

The Ergoflex 5G Mattress was created to provide exceptional back support and proper spine alignment, and it has since proven to be the preferred option among consumers and chiropractors. It makes sense why it has received The Best Australian Mattress-in-a-Box Award every year for the past ten years.

Ergoflex is a top choice for sleepers looking for back relief, whether it be back, shoulder, or neck relaxation, thanks to its generously thick body-shaping memory foam layer and supportive base.

Construction: These praises are largely attributable to the mattress’ state-of-the-art construction, which was created with hospital-grade, high-density open-cell memory foam. It is in the medium to medium-firm range, which chiropractors in Australia advise to persons with aching backs to maintain the alignment of their spine. According to Ergoflex, people with fibromyalgia, circulation issues, or joint pain could benefit from it.

Our assumption: The Ergoflex 5G Mattress has got your back! The massive 9cm top layer of memory foam (three times its competitors’ top layers) guarantees both that you will experience cloud-like comfort and that the mattress won’t sag over time. You can sleep coolly in Australia’s hot evenings because of its ventilated 3D mesh panels and tencel outer cover, which controls airflow. It has built-in anti-allergenic characteristics, which makes it a fantastic combination for persons with asthma and back problems.

Best suitable for: Ergoflex is a fantastic option for back, stomach, and side sleepers since the top layer softly molds the spine while the bottom two layers support it in place. Yet, it’s not advised for anyone, severe back patients included, to sleep on their stomachs.

Not as ideal for: If you love soft mattresses, you should look elsewhere because Ergoflex is not as plush as many other mattresses on the market. Very heated sleepers may still suffer some heat retention even though it enables airflow.

The small print: Ergoflex provides free mattress delivery within a day or on a day of your choosing. They charge a nominal extra for delivery after business hours. There is a cap of one return per household for the 30-day home trial and the free return service. Only in a few major cities is it free to return a mattress. If you purchase a mattress that is accidentally the wrong size and decide to exchange it, a collection and delivery fee will be charged. Any material or workmanship flaw that develops during the product’s ten-year warranty is covered.

Customer satisfaction: Ergoflex customers report that they may comfortably sleep while dealing with back and back pain conditions like “tennis-affected shoulder,” “herniated disc,” and traumas. Consumers also appreciate the foam’s cushioning, breathability, ease of tucking bed sheets, durability, and lack of center sagging. Several customers, however, have complained that it’s a little difficult to set up, that it sleeps too cool, and that the mattress protector isn’t up to par.

One user writes:

Spending less on aggressive marketing allows Ergoflex to produce a better product. This mattress is quite cozy and adapts well to your body. Even though I am in good health and am only rarely bothered by little back discomfort, I have seen a significant improvement there. I also wake up much less frequently during the night. With this mattress, it is much easier for me to practice sleeping on my back. Although a little more pricey than the others, it is unquestionably worthwhile.

Conclusion: The Ergoflex 5G Mattress performs admirably on all key fronts, including luxurious foam feel, back shaping, deep spinal support, undisturbed sleep, cool sleeping, anti-allergenic, customer service, and six available sizes. Perhaps it explains why it is a little more expensive. Nevertheless, not excessively high!

We believe that Ergoflex 5g is the finest mattress for back pain in Australia right now for all of the above reasons and more.

2. Sleeping Duck- Most customizable, ideal for couples

A mattress that is in the middle and neither too hard nor too soft is ideal for relieving back discomfort. Also, Sleeping Duck mattresses give you the freedom to choose the hardness level of your choice so that every back muscle is completely at ease. And there’s more. So that you and your spouse don’t have to give up one sleep for the other, it allows you to customize the two sides of the bed in different ways.

Construction: The Hyper-AdaptiveTM foam on top of the Sleeping Duck mattress provides comfort. A supportive layer of high-density foam is then added, and everything is placed on a base of individually pocketed springs to minimize motion disturbance.

Each mattress enables you to switch these foams to achieve the desired firmness, whether it be for single use or twin sharing. The top foam is softer while the other one is medium-firm. By getting Sleeping Duck Pro, a sectional mattress that is split into half medium-firm and half firm, couples and bed mates can improve their sleep even more.

Our opinion: By design, it is hybrid because it combines the benefits of foams with a pocket spring base to create a medium-firm surface that evenly distributes the body weight and keeps the spine supported and free of pressure spots. Also, you may adjust the stiffness of the layers by unzipping the cover to support your upper back, lower back, and legs in different ways.

What else? If the available options don’t suit you, you can contact customer service to have a replacement top layer sent. Other important characteristics include: Its strengthened edges prevent the sensation of “falling off the bed.” The spring foundation prevents motion transfer and severe sinkage. Because to the expanded foam under, it does not get too hot or chilly while sleeping.

Most suitable for: The mattresses from Sleeping Duck come in a variety of firmness levels, so there is something for everyone. Both upper and lower back pain sufferers have experienced alleviation. Couples can sleep together without waking the other. Oh! They would adore its mattress’ responsiveness during sexual activity. While heavy and back sleepers might prefer the medium-firm combination, light, side, and stomach sleepers might prefer it.

Not as appropriate for: A person on a tight budget! Compared to other foam mattresses, it costs more.

The small print: It takes 1 to 3 working days for Sleeping Duck mattresses to arrive. Shipping across Australia is free, as are refunds and replacements. There is a 100-night trial period available, during which you can acquire additional/replacement firmness layers. After that, its 10-year guarantee will only cover manufacture defects and exclude normal wear and tear, odors, discoloration, and hardness changes.

Customer satisfaction: Many people have reported experiencing relief from their lower back pain and shoulder pain. Lovers adore the cloud-like softness and perfect bed base. When it comes to motion isolation, the Sleeping Duck mattress allows for movement without tipping over a tray of tea. Some people believed the mattress was too high, while others thought it was too cumbersome to install and tuck bed sheets in. The majority agree that the initial discomfort is worthwhile.

One user writes:

I used to get up during the night and seriously disrupt my husband’s sleep. A halt was made. He no longer wakes up when I move. I have no muscle ache when I wake up. My Fitbit claims that I sleep well every night. I ought to have made this buy a long time ago. On this bed, my husband also reports feeling very comfortable. We needed around three days to adjust to this mattress. ​

Conclusion: Sleeping Duck is a fantastic solution for those with back problems since it combines the pressure-relieving capability and adjustability of the foams with the zero-partner disturbance technology of the spring base. And because it is a product that can be customized, it is challenging to criticize. We just wish it was a little bit more affordable.

3. Ecosa Mattress – Adjustable firmness

Ecosa Mattress

Can a mattress for back pain be efficient, adaptable, durable, and economical all at once? It appears like Ecosa has found the sweet spot. The mattress is designed to relieve pressure points, support natural spine alignment, and lessen back pain.

Construction: The Ecosa mattress relieves back pain, hip pain, and general discomfort. It is marketed as an all-foam, medium-firm mattress. But there’s more to it than that. The three layers that make up Ecosa—the contouring memory foam, the springier latex, and the firmer polyfoam—can be switched around in any order. Latex provides medium-firmness, polyfoam is firm, and foam imparts a medium feel. Three different adjustment options for the price of one mattress.

Our opinion: According to Ecosa, 2 out of 3 consumers report feeling relief from back pain after using the mattress. The answer is in its exclusive foam, where the top foam cradles your body to achieve the highest level of comfort while the base foam relieves pressure spots and supports the spine. We consider Ecosa to be very cost-effective. Three different hardness levels and distinct sensations are offered, which is a nice option to have as a fallback because our sleeping preferences frequently vary over time.

Additionally, the mattress’ open-cell design keeps the top of the mattress cool, it provides excellent motion isolation in the medium and medium-firm settings, it is double hygienic due to the outer polyester cover and the inner waterproof and anti-allergen cover, and it can be placed on any flat surface, including your floor or a slatted bed frame. But, we must caution you that flipping layers is more difficult and requires assistance. Also, because Ecosa lacks springs or coils inside of it, it lacks the traditional springy feel.

Best fit for: Those with back pain who weigh between 59 and 100 kilos should take Ecosa. It’s also a wise addition to your kids’ room and guest bedroom because you won’t have to continuously set up a softer or firmer bed for your guests and growing children! Good news for people who enjoy the foam sensation but want a chilly night’s sleep.

Not as suitable for: Those who weigh more than 100 kilos may find Ecosa to be a little too soft and less form-fitting. Because of its shaky edge support, heavier people may feel a dip when sitting or sleeping next to the edge. But, as you change to the stiffer settings, this sinkage decreases. Couples can benefit from motion isolation, however response isn’t very good during sex. You see, it doesn’t bounce.

The small print: Orders placed before 1.30 pm will be delivered the same day in Metro Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide; orders placed after that time may take up to a week to arrive. They provide a 100-night risk-free trial period, but in order to be eligible for a return, your Ecosa mattress must have been used for at least 14 nights. Mattresses with bed bugs, odors, stains, or other issues will not be accepted for exchange or return. They provide a 15-year warranty, which is longer than that of most all-foam beds.

Customer satisfaction: The majority of consumers attest to Ecosa’s effectiveness in relieving their back, neck, shoulder, and hip pain, but a minority do voice dissatisfaction, claiming that it hardens, dips, and sags over time and may not be a suitable long-term investment. All concur, however, that their customer service is effective and, in contrast to many foam mattresses, it doesn’t smell. Some users of Ecosa find it to be so pleasant that they don’t want to get out of bed, while for others adding mattress toppers helps them reach that perfect state.

One user writes:

This mattress is excellent and reasonably priced. Perfect temperature management has been achieved. Next day delivery was made. The mattress is vacuum-packed, and once the seal is broken, it unfolds fast. Mine is still set to the medium default setting. The ideal alternative to sleeping on one’s side or back is this. This works with my electric adjustable base, which has many settings, and the contours of my Ecosa mattress.

Conclusion: In our opinion, a product is good value for money if it appeals to the majority of consumers while using few gimmicks and charging a fair price. According to that standard, Ecosa performs admirably for people who have back problems while they sleep. The key is its three-layer technology, which puts support first. Its bounce and edge are the only things lacking from it.

4. Sleep Republic- Best for heavy people (<90kg)

Sleep Republic

Finding a mattress with a luxurious top, a firm base, and strong edge support are non-negotiable needs for plus-size sleepers with back problems. These criteria are all met by the mattress from Sleep Republic.

Construction: Sleep Republic’s clever hybrid design is what makes it so successful. The initial three layers of latex foam, memory foam with gel infusion, and cashmere quilted cover make the bed naturally cool, cozy, and springy. The base, on the other hand, is designed with a staggering 2,250 HD pocket springs that are comfortable on the hips and shoulders while supporting the spine. The mattress feels softer in the center than it does on the borders.

Our opinion: Sleep Republic offers a variety of sleepers a combination of the comfort of foam and the stability of pocket springs. In-house engineers created these springs to be both smaller and stronger so they could support the weight and endure longer. They have been configured with the same amount of thought.

The springs are positioned in five critical areas to relieve pressure from your head, shoulder, torso, hips, and feet. They are also spaced apart from one another to reduce motion transfer and partner disturbance. Also, these pocket springs keep the mattress cool while you sleep and prevent the growth of bacteria and dampness. The side coils, which provide strengthened edge support so you don’t fall off the bed or injure yourself, deserve special note.

The side coils that provide strengthened edge support and prevent you from falling off the bed or experiencing that sensation deserve special notice. It requires a base with a stable core because it is too thick and heavy to be installed by oneself.

Most effective for: It works well for back and side sleepers as well as ordinary to heavy stomach sleepers. Seniors and those who are recovering from injuries can effortlessly get out of bed thanks to the sturdy edge support.

Not so good for: Lightweight stomach sleepers might find the mattress a little too firm, although adding a cushion will help. The cashmere top can also be warm to sleepers.

The small print: For orders placed before 11am, they offer same-day delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Gold Coast, while deliveries to other cities may take 2 to 5 or even 8 days. Accessories could take longer to arrive than mattresses. You have a hundred days to attempt to return the mattress.

Customer satisfaction: The pressure-relieving support and softness that Sleep Republic provides are adored by people who have mild back pain or are healing from spinal injuries. Both side sleepers and stomach sleepers value it.

Others give it great marks for its plush, quilted top, lack of partner disruption, odor-free foam, and customer service. The majority of people agree that turning and moving the mattress are “big, 2-person challenges.” Although additional handles would have been helpful, they enjoy that it comes in a box with wheels. Although the mattress doesn’t sag, some people claim that the top sinks in and softens too quickly.

One User Write:

Two years ago, we bought our first King Sleep Republic mattress, but it still feels brand new every night. The discussions at the breakfast table when friends and family stay over center entirely around the two more Sleep Republic mattresses we recently bought. Elderly people’s chronic back problems (like my in-laws’) appear to be in remission. Product, customer service, and durability are all perfect 10.

Conclusion: Firm, traditional spring beds have traditionally been the preferred option for larger people with back trouble. Yet with Sleep Republic, people may benefit from the mattress’ pressure relieving and supporting features while still sleeping on a lovely, softer surface.

5. Macoda Mattress – Best For Hot Sleepers

Macoda Mattress

The most popular option for reducing joint and lower back discomfort is a memory foam mattress, but there is a downside. As one user described it, it has a tendency to retain heat and can transform the mattress into a furnace. So what is the solution for sweaty, hot sleepers who have back problems? We support Macoda.

Construction: This mattress has four layers, made up of natural latex, memory foam with gel infusion, polyurethane, and 5-zone support coils, in that sequence. The bed is provided as a medium firmness, however you can quickly adjust the hardness by unzipping the mattress and switching the two foam inserts. Simply simply, you have the option of firm, medium, or soft feelings.

Our opinion: For a relatively young mattress company, Macoda does a remarkable job of providing a supportive, cool, and comfy sleep environment. In terms of comfort, the springy latex prevents you from sinking in, the foams mould your body uniformly, and the coils support different body regions intuitively, easing pressure points and reducing motion transfer. Your body heat activates hundreds of cooling gel beds in the next layer while the latex layer maintains natural cooling while keeping allergies at bay.

The soft, breathable bamboo cover that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer practically sits on top of everything else. Even though it sleeps cooler than most mattresses, if the temperature rises enough, you might notice some heat retention. A few people have also voiced issues regarding its robustness and material quality.

Best appropriate for: Those who sleep hot and want a mattress that relieves back pain can consider the Macoda. It is excellent for a variety of sleepers due to the stiffness adjustability, however side sleepers and light individuals seem to benefit from it the most.

Not as suitable for: Those who weigh more over 100 kg may find Macoda to be a little too soft.

The small print: While other locations may require up to 10 business days, Macoda can ship to Sydney and Melbourne in 1-2 days. The delivery, which shows up at your door, is free. Pillows and mattresses are supplied separately and may not arrive at the same time. There is a 100-day sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Customer satisfaction: Although persons with back problems like the default medium-firm setting, the majority of Macoda users are content with it. Many people have seen relief from tossing and turning, partner disturbance, and rolling to the center of the bed within weeks of using it. On the other hand, one customer had a completely different experience and described the firm setting to diamond-hard and the soft setting to concrete. Yet, customers affirm that switching out the foam layers is a simple operation when the need arises.

One user writes:

I’m so happy to have a mattress that doesn’t become hot at last. The cool gel layer is effective. The softer layers didn’t fully satisfy my requirement for a soft bed because I prefer them. This was rectified by a mattress topper, resulting in extremely pleasant sleeping presently. less nighttime hip and back pain.

Conclusion: Because Australian nights may be oppressively warm, it’s a smart idea to invest in a mattress that keeps you cool while you sleep, relieves back pain, and is also reasonably priced.

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider while choosing a mattress for back pain relief

Each has various needs when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, and if you have back problems, choosing the right mattress is even more important.

Now let’s talk about some aspects that can guide your online, at-home mattress selection for back pain alleviation.

Not too soft, not too hard

Both firmness and softness do not equate to support or comfort. This means that in order to relieve your back pain, you need a mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft. Medium-firm mattresses nicely fill this need. They are both hard enough to support the spine’s natural curvature and supple enough to prevent the spine from drooping into unnatural positions.

Go for foam or hybrid

Memory foam mattresses are preferred by those with painful backs over spring mattresses because they equally distribute body weight absorption and gradually conform to your body’s structure to relieve pressure spots. On the other side, the rigid metal coils included in spring beds could make pre-existing orthopedic disorders worse. Yet, hybrid mattresses combine the support of springs with the comfort of foam to excellent effect when it comes to back discomfort. So give it a try.

Watch out for the sag

We have discovered that foam mattresses maintain their firmness for a longer period of time than spring mattresses, which can eventually start to poke and droop. However, manufacturers typically cover sagging flaws between 0.75 and 1.5 inches, so check the mattress warranty for details on the sagging durability.

Consider your weight/body type

Your body weight roughly correlates to how firm you prefer your mattress to be. The general rule of thumb is to opt for a soft or medium bed if your BMI is below average. If your BMI is average, a medium bed will do. To avoid “bottoming out” and sinking as you lie down, sit, or get up, choose a firm bed with extra edge support if your BMI is higher than typical. For those who are bulkier, a combination of latex, memory foam, and pocketed coils is advised because it won’t sag with time.

Do you sleep hot or cool?

Choose a cool-sleeping mattress if you sleep cool and a hot-sleeping mattress if you sleep hot. Simple! Hot sleepers should use memory foam that traps heat, while cool sleepers should use hybrid mattresses that have a layer of cooling gel.

Are you sharing your bed?

Motion transfer occurs when your partner tosses and turns or gets out of bed at strange hours, making it impossible for you to have unbroken sleep. The mattress industry has recognized this issue and developed “motion isolation” and “zero-partner disturbance” technologies. Mattresses with a dense core and innerspring coils are excellent at absorbing these movements while you sleep.

Try before you buy

No matter how many tips we give for picking a comfortable mattress, falling asleep is still a very physical process. Sad to say, the majority of Australian in-store mattress brands don’t provide a home sleep trial. But with internet retailers, you can get a mattress online, give it a month or three to see if you like it, and then ask for a return. Most of these services are free.

Buy more for less

Online mattress shopping is more affordable and practical than traditional brick and mortar stores.

For a single-size and king-size mattress, the majority of offline mattress brands in Australia would charge you, on average, 1,400 and 2,600 dollars, respectively. By the way, that doesn’t include the delivery fees or the sleep trial. On the other hand, a single and a king mattress may be purchased online for 700 and 1,200 dollars, respectively, with free delivery and return. We are at a loss for words if that isn’t value for the money.

Good customer support is key

Because of their dedication to their customers, internet mattress manufacturers have been able to upend the mattress market in such a short period of time. They’ve made the process of buying a mattress simple, from guiding you toward the ideal model to speedy delivery to your door and prompt fulfillment of returns and exchanges. The good news is that most internet mattresses perform admirably in this regard.

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