Ecosa vs Ergoflex Mattress: Which Is The Best 1?

Ecosa vs Ergoflex Mattress One of the most recognizable mattress companies in Australia is Ecosa, which provides a reasonably priced mattress with a choice of firmness adjustment and an industry-leading 15-year warranty. On the other side, Ergoflex sells a pressure-relieving, body-hugging, and supportive memory foam mattress and was among the first players in the mattress-in-a-box market (way back in 2006).

We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both Ecosa and Ergoflex in this review so you can choose which one best suits your requirements and sleeping habits. For the appropriate sleepers, both are excellent choices, but is that you? Let’s investigate.

Quick Comparison: Ecosa vs Ergoflex

Ecosa Mattress

Why it’s great: Ecosa mattresses are among the Australia’s best-selling and highest-rated mattresses. It’s difficult to surpass the Ecosa if you’re seeking for a mattress that is both supportive and pleasant and can fit a variety of sleepers. Ecosa is a very good option because of its customizable firmness, inexpensive price, and industry-leading 15-year warranty.

Best For:

  • Consumers on a budget.
  • Those looking for a cozy but sturdy bed
  • any sleep position, including back, side, or stomach.
  • people seeking a range of strength options.

Ergoflex Mattress

Why it’s fantastic Ergoflex is a great option for sleepers who enjoy the embracing and body-contouring qualities of memory foam. Ergoflex, which supports and relieves pressure points, is particularly suitable for people who experience joint or back pain. Ergoflex is a comparable alternative to expensive Tempur mattresses in terms of construction and functionality.

Best For:

  • Individuals seeking a memory foam bed.
  • (Front, Back, Side) All sleeping positions.
  • Those who experience joint or back pain while sleeping.
  • the partners of restless sleepers.

Ecosa vs Ergoflex Mattress Comparison Overview

Which mattress should you buy amongst the good options Ecosa and Ergoflex? To get right to the point, there are ten key differences between the two mattresses:

  • Price: Ecosa is less expensive than Ergoflex, however Ergoflex is also a good investment. Confused? Well, Ergoflex is constructed from premium visco-elastic memory foam, much like the three to four thousand dollar Tempur mattresses.
  • Feel: Ecosa has a responsive neutral-foam feel, whereas Ergoflex has a dense, body-shaping memory foam feel.
  • Ergoflex has only one stiffness option (Medium), but Ecosa has three hardness options (Soft, Medium, and Firm).
  • In terms of pain and pressure reduction, the Ergoflex mattress is virtually unrivaled. It was created with the most cutting-edge foams to ease your aches and pains like a skilled therapist. Despite having some pain reduction benefits, the Ecosa falls short.
  • Customization — There is just one firmness available with the Ergoflex (medium-firm). Contrarily, Ecosa’s special shuffleable foam layers let you choose between three different firmness degrees.
  • Body Type — Ergoflex is more supporting than Ecosa, making it better suited for people who are heavier.
  • Sleeping Positions: Both mattresses are suitable for the majority of positions. However, due to its responsiveness and pillowtop form, Ecosa may be preferred by side or combination sleepers.
  • Sleep Temperature – If you have a tendency to sleep hot, Ecosa may be a better option for you.
  • Shipping: While Ergoflex costs anything between $19.99 and $69.99 for delivery, Ecosa offers free shipping throughout all of Australia. Both Ecosa and Ergoflex provide free returns; however, Ergoflex might impose a return-pickup fee in some distant places.
  • Policies: While Ergoflex offers a 30-night (extendable) trial and a 10-year warranty, Ecosa offers a 100-night sleep trial and an industry-leading 15-year warranty.

Table of Contents

  • Key Features
  • Brand Info 
  • Construction
  • Comfort, Firmness & Feel
  • Sleep Position Ratings
  • Sinkage, Bounce, Edge Support, Motion Isolation
  • Shipping, Trial Periods, Returns, and Warranties
  • Sizing & Price Comparisons

Key Features – Ecosa vs Ergoflex 5g.

Trial period100 nights30 nights
Warranty15 years10 years
Shipping costFreePaid
Shipping time1-2 days, 4 hour delivery in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide1-3 days, Same day delivery for metros
ConstructionMixed FoamMemory Foam + Poly Foam base
CoverTENCEL® Woven Cover40% Tencel + 60% Premium poly cover with zipper
Where’s it made?ChinaChina & Europe
CertificationsCertiPur-US® & OKEO-TEX® 100 certifiedCertiPur-US® & OKEO-TEX® 100 certified
Returns?Free*Free (except for remote locations)
Financing available?Yes, Zip payYes, Zip pay
SizesSingle, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super KingSingle, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King
Washable coverYesYes

Brand Info – Ecosa vs Ergoflex.

Ergoflex, which debuted in 2006 (2010 in Australia), played a key role in developing the direct-to-consumer mattress business model and revolutionizing the market. Since then, the company has grown steadily, developing cutting-edge new foams and garnering numerous accolades, including Which? Best Buy, award, Feefo Trusted Merchant award, and others. Even though Ecosa only entered the market in 2015, it already has a long list of honors to its name, including the “Best Mattress for Couples” award from and the “Silver” award from Melbourne Design.

Construction – Ecosa vs Ergoflex.

Ergoflex, which debuted in 2006 (2010 in Australia), played a key role in developing the direct-to-consumer mattress business model and revolutionizing the market. Since then, the company has grown steadily, developing cutting-edge new foams and garnering numerous accolades, including Which? Best Buy, award, Feefo Trusted Merchant award, and others. Even though Ecosa just entered the market in 2015, it already has a long list of honors to its name, including the “Best Mattress for Couples” award and a Melbourne Design “Silver” medal.

Ecosa vs. Ergoflex: Comfort, Firmness, and Feel.

Ecosa vs Ergoflex
With three interchangeable foam layers, two coverings, one of which is removable, and a height of 25 cm.

The initial cover is machine washable and made of breathable Tencel.

The first layer (by default) is G-7 memory foam that has been infused with gel to provide pressure relief and additional cooling characteristics.

The ergonomic support foam that follows helps with spinal alignment and offers effective motion isolation.

The final layer is an ECO-Tex memory foam layer, which adds durability, breathability, and a latex-like bounce

Two coverings, one of which is removable, and three separate foam layers. a total height of 23 cm.

The initial cover is machine washable and made of breathable Tencel.

The three foams are enclosed in a micro-fine inner cover.

A body-contouring visco-elastic memory foam makes up the top layer. The Cool-Sleep airflow system, which keeps the heat low and the airflow high, comes in second.

An impact-resistant foam foundation layer with great resilience serves as the mattress’ base, supporting you and extending its life.

The overall feel of the Ecosa depends on which of the three shuffleable foam layers is positioned on top, but it typically offers a somewhat even sleeping experience, albeit firmer when the ergonomic support foam is on top and bouncy when the ECO-Tex layer is. However, we believe that most sleepers will be content with at least one of the Ecosa mattress’ firmness options. Some sleepers may still find the mattress to be overly firm, preferring the responsiveness of an innerspring or the enhanced “sink” of other memory foams.

On the other side, Ergoflex offers a sleeping environment focused on pressure reduction, support, and recovery. The business is happy to mention a number of elite athletes from the UK and Australia who use their mattress as part of their training regimen. The Ergoflex mattress actually is ideal for relieving pressure points and generalized body aches. This isn’t just hype. It conforms without sinking, supports the spine and joints, and provides enough padding to keep most sleepers comfortable. It more than meets expectations as a less expensive alternative to the high-end Tempur mattress.

Sleep Position Ratings – Ecosa vs Ergoflex.

Both of the available mattresses offered are well suited for front, back, and side sleepers. While the medium-firm (6/10 on the mattress firmness scale) Ergoflex is good for people with significant pain concerns or those who are recovering from an injury, combination sleepers may experience some issues with it. People who toss and turn at night may find themselves struggling against the visco-elastic foam layer’s contouring effects.

Despite being no slouch in the field of pain management, the Ecosa mattress falls short of Ergoflex’s self-described “clinically correct support for all.” Combination sleepers can pick between a “medium” (5/10), “medium-firm” (6/10), or “firm” (8/10) setting according on their demands for the night thanks to its customizable nature.

We wish to kindly remind you once again that mattress firmness ratings are entirely arbitrary. It’s best to test a mattress out for yourself before making a final decision!

Ecosa vs. Ergoflex: Sinkage, Bounce, Edge Support, and Motion Isolation.

Bounce and Sinkage

Due to its ECO-Tex foam, the Ecosa mattress is unquestionably the more springy of the two, although none of them is expected to soon serve as trampolines. Additionally, while the Ergoflex mattress barely qualifies as “swallowing” any sleepers, it does offer more contouring and body-cradling sinkage than Ecosa’s product thanks to its top layer of visco-elastic material.

Choose the Ergoflex if you want to feel like you’re being cradled and enveloped in a supportive mattress. The Ecosa is your go-to if you prefer a more responsive, springy feel.

Edge Support 

A spring-base mattress with reinforced edges will perform better for you than a foam mattress when it comes to edge support. Nevertheless, the Ergoflex is the superior choice of these two since its high-resilience foam base exceeds Ecosa’s similar Ergonomic Support Foam. Both provide sufficient edge support for the majority of customers’ requirements, but Ergoflex’s superior materials are indisputable winners.

Motion Isolation

With regard to these two mattresses’ abilities to isolate motion, it’s a close call. Of course, Ecosa is well-known for its popular “jumping on a bed with three wine glasses” film that established its superior performance in the motion isolation industry. Ecosa is known for its ergonomic support foam. In contrast, Ergoflex is a strong competitor to even the most powerful mattresses due to its combination of a high-density top layer and a high-resilience base layer. We ranked the two similarly overall.

Sizing & Price Comparisons – Ecosa vs Ergoflex.

It is undeniable that Ecosa and Ergoflex do not compete in the same price range. The Ecosa mattress ought to be your first choice if you’re on a tight budget. Having said that, the Ergoflex’s superior materials more than make up for its higher price. It only comes down to which option fits your budget the best when deciding between the two.

EcosaErgoflex 5G
Single$799 $599$929 $650.30
Long Single$849 $649$979 $685.30
King Single$899 $699$999 $699.30
Double$999 $799$1,349 $944.30
Queen$1,099 $899$1,499 $1,049.30
King$1,199 $999$1,749 $1,224.30
Super King$1,499 $1,299


We have two separate products for two different clients with the Ecosa and Ergoflex mattresses. Looking for a high-quality, customizable sleep experience that won’t break the bank? Choose the Ecosa. Do you have a little extra cash to spend on high-quality materials or experience severe pain? Your back (as well as your hips and joints) are in good hands with the Ergoflex.

There is no denying that Ecosa’s customer service is far superior to Ergoflex’s. However, Ergoflex is correct when they say that their 10-year warranty is the only one that has endured the test of time (having been in business for more than 10 years, in contrast to most contemporary mattress manufacturers).

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