Ecosa vs Koala Mattress: Which is the Best 1?

Give any Australian 30 seconds to name a mattress-in-a-box company, and you can bet “Ecosa vs Koala” will be two of the first, if not the only, names they come up with. These two venerable Australian businesses are among the most well-known in the country, and they both enjoy enviable reputations. Which is better for you, we hear you ask?

We’ve put both mattresses against one another in a (not-so) rigorous head-to-head competition because we’re determined to help you find the solution. The groundwork has been done. Read our conclusions to find out which mattress will suit you the best.

Quick Comparison – Ecosa vs Koala

Ecosa Mattress

Why it’s awesome: Here, customization is important. The Ecosa mattress gives you control over your sleep’s course thanks to its three adjustable firmness levels.

Who should use it:

Sleepers who prefer several degrees of firmness (Soft, Medium, Firm).Insomniacs and their partners.
People who are looking for memory foam’s pressure-relieving properties.
Front, back, and side sleepers.

Koala Mattress

Why it’s fantastic This eco-friendly, charity-supporting mattress has a balance of coolness and comfort thanks to exclusive Kloudcell foam.

Who it works best for: Sleepers seeking a responsive, bouncy mattress.
consumers who care about the environment.
seeking a supporting “not too soft, not too firm” mattress.
Front, back, and side sleepers.

Ecosa vs Koala Mattress Comparison Overview

Ecosa vs Koala Mattress

Pressure-Relieving Features: The Ecosa has excellent pain relieving properties for a variety of body types and sleeping positions thanks to its adjustable hardness (ranging from around a 6/10 “medium” to an 8/10 “firm”). For people with sciatica, back pain, or joint discomfort, this is fantastic. With only one “medium-firm” setting, Koala is unable to offer the same degree of adaptive relief.

Feel: Ecosa offers an adjustable mattress with three different ‘feels’ to pick from, while Koala offers a medium-firm mattress that is responsive and bouncy. Later, more on that.
Koala’s mattress is created using a blend of environmentally friendly materials and techniques. Additionally, the business partners with the WWF and gives 1% of its entire revenue to charity. No other mattress manufacturer compares to Ecosa in terms of environmental awareness.

Warranty: Koala only gives a 10-year warranty, but Ecosa offers a 15-year warranty that leads the industry.

List of contents

We’ve put together a useful table of topics for people looking for a specific point of comparison. You can now navigate the review at your convenience!

  • Brand Info 
  • Construction
  • Comfort, Firmness & Feel
  • Sleep Position Ratings
  • Sinkage, Bounce, Edge Support, Motion Isolation
  • Shipping, Trial Periods, Returns, and Warranties
  • Sizing & Price Comparisons
  • Buyer Feedback

Brand Info – Ecosa vs Koala

Both businesses, Ecosa and Koala, were established in Australia in 2015 at the same time. We certainly didn’t notice anything that year, did you? There must have been something in the air.

While Koala focused on minimizing its environmental impact and the cost to customers throughout the entire company (resulting in its WWF partnership, various charitable endeavors, and the avoidance of traditional “awful” mattress business practices), Ecosa set out to create a top-notch, premium sleeping experience with materials to match.

It’s important to note that Koala’s prior “made in Australia, for Australia” production promise has been broken since the company was founded, despite the fact that it is still regarded as an environmentally responsible B Corp. According to a Koala representative, the company transferred its production to China as of October 2020 in order to encourage growth and “sustainable behaviors.” Simply said, the Koala mattress is no longer an item that is “made in Australia.” In contrast to this setback for Koala’s reputation, Ecosa has recently made efforts to improve its own. Among other smaller organizations, the company joined with the Salvation Army in 2018 and pledged to donate all of its product returns to those in need.

Construction – Ecosa vs Koala

In the modern mattress sector, strong certification holds a lot of weight, and neither manufacturer enters this contest unprepared. The Ecosa mattress is produced without the use of any hazardous chemicals thanks to its Oeko-Tex 100 Certified covers and CertiPur Certified foams.

Koala goes a step further in its accreditation, claiming zero emissions of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), which harm the ozone layer, during its manufacturing process. Additionally, Koala’s foams have earned GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certification, demonstrating that they have the highest environmental standards and are safe for use by both humans and the environment. Additionally, the wood is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, indicating that it comes from a forest that is sustainably and ethically managed.

However, when night falls, you won’t be laying on credentials; you’ll be lying on foams. Check out what each mattress has to offer:


The 25cm-high mattress has three interchangeable foam layers and two replaceable Oeko-Tex 100 Certified covers.

The initial cover is machine washable and made of breathable Tencel.
German micro-filament technology was used to create the inside cover, which is waterproof and dust mite-resistant.

The first layer (by default) is G-7 memory foam that has been infused with gel to provide pressure relief and additional cooling characteristics. The ergonomic support foam that follows helps with spinal alignment and offers effective motion isolation.

The final layer is an ECO-Tex memory foam layer, which adds durability, breathability, and a latex-like bounce.


The Koala mattress, which is 23 cm high, is made up of two foam layers and two coverings, one of which is washable and removable.

Tencel, a fabric made naturally from tree wood pulp, is blended with 70% polyester and 30% polyester in the top cover, which is removable.

100% polyester composes the interior cover.
6 cm of Koala’s proprietary Kloudcell foam is placed on top. According to Koala, “sleeping on a cloud” is how this special foam blend, which is extremely breathable and comfy, feels.

The last layer is a 16 cm thick ultra-resilient Ecofoam support foam layer, which offers excellent spinal support and motion isolation.

Comfort, Firmness & Feel – Ecosa vs Koala

The Ecosa may arrive at your door with G-7 memory foam on top in a “medium” firmness setting—great for those looking for a mattress with some give—but it can just as easily be changed into a “medium-firm” or “firm” setting by unzipping the Tencel cover and placing the ECO-Tex (for medium-firm) or support foam (for firm) layer on top. The Ecosa mattress, however, avoids any noticeable “sinking” feeling that many people adversely associate with memory foam at any firmness setting.

Similar to other mattresses, the Koala mattress prevents the sinking sensation as well, in large part because of the collaboration between its Kloudcell and support foam layers. The mattress’ general feel also has a slight latex-like bounce thanks to the special, patented material Kloudcell, however this isn’t particularly noticeable and some people could even find themselves yearning for a bit more responsiveness.

Sleep Position Ratings – Ecosa vs. Koala

The Ecosa mattress should be suitable for practically every sleeper, whether they choose to sleep on their front, back, side, or in a combination of all three. Unfortunately, there are certain heavier people who might benefit more from an innerspring or hybrid mattress’ responsiveness. The’medium’ choice is probably preferred by side sleepers, the’medium-firm’ option is great for front and back sleepers, and the ‘firm’ option is perfect for people with pain concerns and people who are heavier. Personal preference always takes precedence in such circumstances, of course. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise if, for instance, you prefer the firmest option and are a light side sleeper.

Despite the company’s claim that it has discovered the “Goldilocks Zone” of firmness—”not too firm, not too soft”—the Koala mattress does not have an adjustable firmness feature. This is true for the vast majority of people, whether they sleep on their front, back, side, or a combination of all three. However, just like with Ecosa’s mattress, heavier people might have trouble. They might be too heavy, overpowering the bounce of the (quite thin) Kloudcell layer, sinking straight to the durable support foam beneath, defeating the purpose of the mattress. Additionally, some stomach sleepers or people with serious back pain issues might prefer something just a little bit firmer.

Sinkage and Bounce

With regard to sinkage and bounce, both competitors here are quite neutral. Both of them do not fully commit to the “quicksand” feeling of firm memory foam or the “trampoline” feeling of bouncy latex, despite the fact that their foam layers do give contouring features and their latex-like properties do provide an element of bounce. However, with Ecosa’s adjustable firmness, you may at least decide to nearly completely eliminate the bounce by adding the support foam layer on top. As the saying goes, “you get what you’re given”; Koala does not provide this option.

Edge Support

With the exception of foam mattresses with high-density foam perimeters, neither the Ecosa nor the Koala provide specialized edge support; this is a natural, almost universal restriction of the material. Although innerspring mattresses and hybrids, for instance, may readily strengthen their edges with larger gauge coils, creating for a firm and solid mattress edge, neither of our mattresses could add that kind of specialized edge support without fundamentally altering their designs. However, most sleepers won’t feel underserved by the lack of dedicated edge support because the sturdy construction of the deep foams in both mattresses should be more than enough.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is where both mattresses excel. You’ve probably seen (or at least heard of) the popular viral wine glass films from a few years ago. Both Ecosa and Koala demonstrated how well their mattresses isolate motion by placing a glass of red wine (or three, in the case of Ecosa) on one end and having a person jump onto the other. The outcome? Thankfully, in neither instance did dark crimson stains appear on the perfectly white mattress surfaces; rather, it appeared as though no one had ever jumped on them. That demonstrates how effective the motion isolation is in these two mattress options.

But which is superior? Well, it’s really difficult to say. The ergonomic support foam from Ecosa and the ecofoam from Koala are nearly equal performers in terms of the foam layers that contribute to these motion isolation wonders. Which one works best for you and your partner is a matter of preference. Fortunately, both mattresses (Ecosa and Koala, respectively) offer free 100 or 120-night trials, so you don’t have to feel like you’re taking a chance on either one.

Sizing & Price Comparisons – Ecosa vs Koala

The prices of mattresses made by Koala and Ecosa are relatively similar. With Ecosa’s product starting at $799 and Koala’s at $749, they are both contending for the same price range. It’s important to keep in mind that Ecosa holds additional sales all year round. For instance, an Ecosa mattress is currently available for as little as $599.

Below is a list of all available sizes and prices.

Ecosa Sizes, Dimensions and Price

SizeDimensions (cm)Price
Single92 X 188 X 25$799 $599
Long Single92 X 203 X 25$849 $649
King Single107 X 203 X 25$899 $699
Double138 X 188 X 25$999 $799
Queen153 X 203 X 25$1,099 $899
King183 X 203 X 25$1,199 $999
Super King203 X 203 X 25$1,499 $1,299

Koala Sizes, Dimensions and Price

SizeDimensions (cm)Price
Single92 X 188 X 23$750
King Single107 X 203 X 23$850
Double138 X 188 X 23$950
Queen153 X 203 X 23$1,050
King183 X 203 X 23$1,250

Customer Reviews: Koala vs. Ecosa

Without the insightful opinions of actual customers, it wouldn’t be a complete product comparison, now, would it? To learn more about these two tough rivals, we turned to the extensive product review database of

With an overall rating of 4.5/5, the Koala mattress beats over Ecosa (albeit by a slim margin). However, both mattresses look very fantastic when viewed as a whole. It makes sense that they are both popular in Australia.

Kyoung from Perth talks about their Ecosa mattress, saying, “I had a back problem and since switching to the ECOSA mattress, it’s been fixed.”It makes a huge difference to wake up feeling rejuvenated. Highly suggested!”

Jess from Melbourne (and her husband) expressed their happiness when speaking about their new Koala mattress: “I’m absolutely amazed at how good I am sleeping in my new Koala mattress. I’m waking up feeling incredibly rested since it’s firm but comfortable in all the perfect areas. My husband like it as well.

Both of these mattresses have received glowing reviews online, however it seems that the Koala is the more well-liked of the two. Still, if these claims are to be believed, Australia feels the same way as we do about both of them!


Choosing between the Ecosa and the Koala mattresses is undoubtedly difficult. Koala provides an environmentally-friendly guarantee and the ideal combination of bounce and firmness, whereas Ecosa offers customization and potent pressure relief. We didn’t make this decision lightly, but after giving it some thought, we’ve decided to stand on the Ecosa side of the fence.

We made our decision based on the 15-year warranty and the fact that Koala’s “made in Australia” claim is no longer valid. Naturally, the Koala mattress is still a good item, and we’d gladly suggest either one. However, the Ecosa has to win in our book. If you’re unsure, keep in mind that both businesses have risk-free trials, allowing you to test them both out at no personal expense!

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