Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Review

In 2020, after companies like Koala had established themselves in the bed-in-a-box market there, Emma entered the Australian market. Emma may be relatively new to the Australian market, but their mattresses reflect their experience in the mattress industry.

They have been producing mattresses since 2015, and with the Diamond Hybrid mattress, which is the subject of this review, they opted to combat the Australian heat with a unique construction meant to regulate temperature while also attempting to make everyone’s backs feel a little better when they wake up.

General Overview

Their high-end offering in the mattress-in-a-box industry is the Diamond Hybrid mattress from Emma. Emma is trying to attract attention with hybrid foam and springs, as well as a cutaway system specifically designed to handle the common pressure spots on our bodies when we sleep.

All types of sleepers—regardless of weight or preferred sleeping positions—will find the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress to be cozy and pressure-relieving. Given what we’ve outlined below and the relative cost, even when discounted, it might not be for everyone, though. A Queen mattress would cost $1,498 with a 55% discount, which is more than the New Koala mattress and on par with the PeaceLily latex mattress in price.

Other pros and cons to consider include:


  • The ideal mattress for a person to sleep on should provide both strong general support and comfort.
  • those looking for a bed with exceptional pressure alleviation (which could lessen unpleasant pressure points).
  • People of all weights should be supported because this mattress is a foam/spring hybrid.
  • combination sleepers since the mattress offers good motion isolation for all three sleeping positions.
  • Those who sleep hot looking for a cool mattress.
  • Those looking for a mattress that will last for many years.
  • Customers looking for a luxury hybrid mattress at a reasonable price.


  • people who prefer a really firm mattress, a plush or soft mattress, or who like having the option to change the hardness.
  • People who prefer a lot of bounce or a spring in their mattress.
  • Those who favor extensive cushioning and contouring.
  • Although not as good as mattresses made of memory foam or latex, the motion isolation is nevertheless good. You might want to think twice if you have trouble falling asleep.

TL;DR: The Emma Diamond Hybrid performs a wonderful job of regulating temperature while being supportive and providing a decent blend of comfort and pressure relief. The Emma Diamond is reasonably priced when compared to hybrid mattress choices. This mattress might not be the right choice for you if you have specific preferences for either extreme of mattress firmness (extremely soft or very hard), but otherwise, it’s probably at least worth a try.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress​

  • Hybrid construction – Foam & Steel Coils.
  • Supportive, pressure-relieving yet comfortable.
  • Sleep temperature neutral.
  • 100-night trial.
  • 10-year warranty.

Info Sheet

  • 25 cm thick mattress with a hybrid of springs and foam.
  • The mattress is OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Class 1. This indicates that the mattress has successfully withstood a chemical toxicity test.
  • The mattress cover is comfortable to the touch, washable, and detachable. There is 1% elastane and 99% polyester in it.
  • If ordered before 10 am, same-day delivery is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide with free shipping throughout Australia. Otherwise, delivery is usually made within 1-3 business days.
  • 100-night home trial with no risk.
  • For their typical delivery locations, returns are free. Customers may need to deliver or ship their mattress to the closest drop-off facility for remote pockets.
  • 10-year warranty against cover damage, foam cracks detected within the first six months of use, inappropriate inflation outside of the tolerance (2 cm), and manufacturing flaws or sag exceeding 2.5 cm.
  • produced in Asia and Europe.
  • At this moment, there is no old mattress removal service available.

Firmness & Feel

On their website, Emma describes its foam and spring hybrid mattresses as being either “medium soft” or “medium firm,” respectively. What is the sensation of sleeping on?

My Experience

Me and my patner are both 5’8″ and weigh roughly 85 kg on average. Although I like to pretend I sleep on my side, in reality I sleep on my stomach. In general, my girlfriend prefers to sleep on her side, although she will occasionally turn to her back.

My wife and I both noticed fewer aches and pains than the (very) few we experienced with the Koala Mattress, our prior mattress. I do believe that when sleeping, the temperature has been more constant. As a warm sleeper, I occasionally woke up sweating, but I don’t think the mattress was to blame; rather, I think it was more that Australia is starting to get a little warmer and we are still using three blankets. The bed itself provides neutral support.

As previously said, the body contouring I experienced with this mattress was enhanced by the comfort graphite foam, adaptive foam, springs, and third layer of foam underneath. So, while it doesn’t have as much “sink” as an all-memory foam mattress, it does have some mild contouring and the added advantage of some springiness from the pocket springs.


Emma defines the mattress as “medium soft,” however I would rate it a 7 out of 10 (very firm being 10). It was a little less firm than the Koala Mattress, and I believe that was because this mattress had a little more body contouring than the Koala.

What does the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress feel like?

When you dip your fingers into the mattress, you mostly feel the two layers of memory foam at the top of it. If you press on the springs firmly enough, they will respond with a small amount of dynamic bounce. However, when lying on the mattress, the two top layers of memory foam’s mild sink is what you notice the most.

The removable mattress cover is stretchable and breathable but has a light texture.

You sleep on this mattress as opposed to entirely sinking into it. As you sink into a position, the upper layers of memory foam will provide some lumbar contouring, but not enough to make changing positions uncomfortable or challenging.

The overall construction of this mattress is intended to offer various zones for customized body support and, in a way, lessen pressure spots, which may benefit people who have back or shoulder pain when they are trying to fall asleep. For proper spinal alignment and even weight distribution, these zones are designed to target the strongest pressure points, which are often the shoulders, hips, and other body parts.

For different weights

This mattress should be comfortable for pretty much all weights of sleepers because it has hybrid foam and springs. Due to its zoning and cut-outs, Emma suggests the mattress for anyone weighing between 50 and 130 kg, though they do note that people under or over that weight shouldn’t have any issues using the mattress.

If you are more robustly built than the average person, a mattress with pocket springs may be a better option for you than one made completely of memory or poly foam.



As previously mentioned, the Diamond Hybrid mattress contains four layers of actual mattress:

  • Comfort layer made of diamond-degree graphite foam to control temperature and relieve pressure points.
  • Pressure distribution using HRX foam with adaptive comfort.
  • Compared to all-foam mattresses, pocket springs promote breathability and conform to your body.
  • HRX foam that offers additional back support.

Then there are the resilient bottom cover made of 100% polyester and the breathable top cover made of 99% polyester and 1% elastane.

To clean and give access to all layers, the top cover unzips. The comfort HRX is 6 cm, the springs are 12 cm, the top layer of graphite foam is 2.5 cm, making a total thickness of 23 cm. Keep in mind that as these measurements were done by hand, a small amount of compression may have occurred.

The mattress cover is machine washable up to 40 degrees Celsius and is detachable.


Mattress Performance

When evaluating a mattress, hardness and feel are among the most crucial considerations, but other crucial considerations include breathability, movement control, edge support, and more. How well does the Diamond Hybrid perform?

Let’s attempt a comparison of these performance indicators.

Sleep Temperature

One of the greatest mattresses for controlling your sleeping temperature is the Emma diamond hybrid mattress. To guarantee that the mattress maintains its temperature neutrality, the business has used a few clever materials and design decisions.

I would classify this as temperature-neutral because I tend to sleep warm and my wife tends to sleep chilly, and anything connected to temperature wasn’t obvious enough that we actively commented on it. The sensation in our backs when we woke up was more overtly noticeable.

However, compared to all-foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses typically sleep colder.

Motion Isolation

I do have a tendency to sleep lightly, and I’d say there were a few more times when my partner’s movements caused me to fully awaken than when I had previously used an all-memory foam mattress. Those awakenings were rather infrequent and scattered.

Even though that might be the case, it was pretty simple to fall asleep again because to the design of this mattress.

Comparing hybrid mattresses to latex or memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses typically perform average to above-average in terms of motion isolation. They still outperform innerspring mattresses in terms of motion isolation, though. For this reason, there is some energy transmission across the surface because the pocket spring core isn’t as extremely elastic as a foam core.

Edge Support

Although I wouldn’t describe the Diamond Hybrid’s edge support as being as firm as a regular innerspring mattress, it is better than foam mattresses and is unquestionably sufficient to prevent you from rolling off the bed or accidentally waking yourself up by almost falling off.\


For many people, whether they are married or not, having a mattress that promotes intimacy is crucial. Since the mattress is a hybrid, you do experience some bounce and dynamic reaction, so it’s not all sink. Additionally, you get the responsiveness of springs with little to no creaking or squeaking when using individually encased pocket springs.


Emma hasn’t yet made the Diamond Hybrid’s lifespan information available to the public. Since they provide a 10-year warranty, we typically anticipate the mattress’ lifespan to be around that long.

Hybrid mattresses typically last a little bit longer than all-foam mattresses.

Off Gassing

A rather insignificant off-gassing odour that may have been caused more by the plastic than by the mattress itself was present while I was unpacking the mattress. On the first night, it disappeared long before we went to sleep on it.

Company Policies


Emma has stated that they are looking into mattress removal, however as of right now they do not offer service in Australia.

Delivery, Shipping & Handling

The majority of Australian shipping is free. Because they use couriers and currently offer no-contact deliveries for health and safety reasons, Emma doesn’t ship to PO Boxes.

The mattress was transported the following day by Direct Couriers to Sydney, where it was folded up and packaged with an Emma logo. A flyer explaining how to set up the mattress was provided in the box, along with a little tool for removing the plastic covering. The mattress can stay in its box for up to 4 weeks before it suffers any consequences or loses its warranty.

Sleep Trial

Emma offers a 100-night sleep trial, similar to many mattress makers, with a free return and refund process if it’s not the correct fit during that time. Additionally, Emma demands that you test the mattress for 21 days before submitting a return request.

Providing the pickup address is located within their supplied delivery zones, Emma will pick up the mattress for free from the location where it is located if you decide to return it. Send an email to support@emma-sleep.com.au to set up a collection.

Return Policy

You can still return the mattress through Emma’s return gateway after the sleep trial is over. The Emma support team should get in touch with you throughout that procedure to arrange a time and location for pickup within 7 business days.

The merchandise may be returned for free within several Australian metro areas. If you don’t fall under that umbrella, Emma will probably ask you to get rid of the item on your own and provide the team with supporting paperwork so they can handle the return.

Two documents are required for them to process your return:

  1. Official receipt for disposal or donation from a third party. The brand name (Emma Mattress) and mattress size (King or Queen) should be listed on the receipt.
  2. the Emma Mattress being turned over in the picture. The Emma Mattress should be seen being given to a third party in the image.


Since this is a mattress in a box, setup is necessary. Emma also provided a plastic tool to aid unzip the mattress’ plastic shrink wrap when it was taken out of the box in addition to a leaflet with setup instructions.

They advised cutting the mattress open along the seam and let it five hours to re-inflate.

This mattress starts inflating to full height fairly rapidly once you “unzip” it, so you want to fully unroll it and arrange it in position in a fairly short period of time, so it helps to have an extra pair of hands. I’m pleased my girlfriend was with me when I was setting this up.


SizeDimensions (LxWxH)Weight*MSRP
Single188 x 92 x 25 cm20 kg$2,499
King Single203 x 107 x 25 cm23 kg$2,779
Double188 x 138 x 25 cm27 kg$3,059
Queen203 x 153 x 25 cm32 kg$3,329
King203 x 183 x 25 cm40 kg$3,749
  • The delivery boxes for the Single, King Single, and Double are 38x38x110cm.
  • The delivery box for the Queen and the King measures 45x45x110cm.

The typical costs for these mattresses might seem a little startling, but Emma frequently offers discounts of between 30 and 40 percent. For instance, they were currently offering a 55% off deal for Father’s Day at the time of writing.

Warranty Terms

A thorough 10-year manufacturer’s warranty is provided by Emma Sleep against defects. This comprises:

  • Any long-lasting sags or dips in the mattress despite proper use. The indentation must be larger than 2.5 cm and clearly visible. This excludes normal mattress softening after heavy usage, and a mattress is only ruled defective if a visible permanent imprint is present.
  • Any holes or splits in the mattress’s foam. The buyer is responsible for conducting the necessary research. This must be notified within the first six months.
  • When the mattress is taken out of its vacuum packaging, it fails to expand to the proper size. They adhere to the industry standard of a 2 centimeter margin of error for the mattress’s length, width, and depth. You are entitled to a mattress exchange if the mattress is not within these dimensions after the mattress has had a reasonable amount of time to inflate (two weeks).
  • Damage to the cover, such as a broken zipper or shoddy stitching from poor workmanship.

The mattress’s original owner is the only one who is eligible for warranty coverage, which is not transferable. Order details and photographic evidence of the defect are necessary to process a claim. With a “new” replacement mattress, the 10-year period does not restart.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Vs The New Koala Mattress

The new koala mattress and the Emma diamond hybrid are made differently; one is an all-foam mattress and the other is a hybrid. Therefore, it cannot be compared directly. However, we’ll still do our best to explain some important distinctions to you.

A few advantages of the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress over the Koala Mattress immediately stand out:

  • Emma notices better relief from strain on the back.
  • Emma offers more robust edge support.
  • Emma rests comfortably between cool and neutral.
  • Emma is a hybrid foam spring mattress that generally works better for a wider range of sleeping positions and body types.

And some things to consider when you’re weighing up options:

  • Koala has medium-firm and firm as its two firmness levels.
  • In general, koalas have better motion isolation.
  • Koala sleeps in a neutral to slightly warm environment.
  • Koala is an all-foam mattress that is suitable for average and light sleepers.
  • The entry-level mattress from Koala is normally less priced (typically under $1,000).

While Koala’s sleep isolation may work better for light sleepers, Emma may be a better option if you’re seeking for a supportive and pressure-relieving mattress. In contrast to Emma’s Diamond Hybrid, Koala offers a variety of stiffness levels if you like that.

Both mattresses are excellent options, so the one you choose depends on a few factors unique to you.


You’ll find that I really didn’t have any issues in my review, and it doesn’t appear like other reviews had many concerns either. In fact, I would advise looking at Emma’s Diamond Hybrid mattress if you’re in the market for a new mattress. It’s a well-rounded choice that, as a hybrid foam spring mattress, provides the best of both worlds (support and comfort) and ought to work for most people.

If there isn’t a promotion when you’re looking at the Emma mattresses or pillows, I’d merely advise waiting a little while since they happen rather frequently and paying full price for this mattress could hurt your pocketbook.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress​

  • Hybrid construction – Foam & Steel Coils.
  • Supportive, pressure-relieving yet comfortable.
  • Sleep temperature neutral.
  • 100-night trial.
  • 10-year warranty.

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