Ergoflex vs Koala Mattress Comparison: Which Is the Best 1?

Ergoflex vs Koala Mattress. They are two well-known brands in the Australian mattress-in-a-box industry, distinguished for their premium goods and commitment to top-notch customer support. There’s no disputing that both have given thousands of Australians worldwide a restful night’s sleep, but there’s no assurance that they’ll both work just as well for you. We’ve thrown them into the ring to compete and determine which is more effective for each type of sleeper because of this.

Choosing between these two well-known all-foam mattresses can be difficult. You won’t be there for very long!

Quick Comparison: Ergoflex vs Koala Mattress

Ergoflex Mattress​

Why it’s great: For a fraction of the cost of top-tier brands like Tempur, this high-end pressure-relieving mattress aims to compete.

Best For: 

  • People who suffer from fibromyalgia, joint discomfort, or back pain.
  • Customers who value materials of the highest caliber.
  • partners who move around when sleeping.
  • Front, back, side, or combination sleepers.

Koala Mattress

Why it’s great: It’s a good all-arounder from an Australian firm that provides balanced comfort while putting an emphasis on environmental protection.

Best For: 

  • People looking for a balanced mattress that is “neither too soft nor too firm.
  • consumers who care about the environment.
  • side, back, or front sleepers.
  • Customers seeking a mattress that is comparatively cooler.

Ergoflex vs Koala Mattress Comparison Overview

Ergoflex vs Koala Mattress

You have a full schedule and a lot of people and places to see. We comprehend it! Here is a quick summary of all the key differences between these two mattresses:

Price: With a starting price of $750 compared to $949 for the Ergoflex, the Koala mattress is clearly more affordable.

Delivery: Koala provides free delivery across all of Australia (in 4 hours for metro areas), but Ergoflex provides no free delivery alternatives and charges upwards of $19.99

Feel – The Koala mattress delivers a comfortable sleeping experience with a noticeable bounce and responsiveness. On the other side, Ergoflex’s selection focuses on contouring memory foam, which offers exceptional pressure relief.

Environmental Awareness – The Koala firm, a certified B Corp, is a prominent environmental advocate. It collaborates with the WWF, donates 1% of all revenues to environmental causes, and recycles or donates the returned mattresses it receives. Even though they both employ Tencel, a sustainable material, Ergoflex just cannot compete in this area.


Queen: $1,529 $1070.30


Queen: $1,050 $945
  • Medium firm mattress
  • Sleeps cool
  • 100-night sleep trial

Table of Contents

Hop, skip and jump around the comparison with this nifty table of contents!

  • Brand Info 
  • Construction
  • Comfort, Firmness & Feel
  • Sleep Position Ratings
  • Customer Service
  • Sizing & Price Comparisons
  • Buyer Feedback

Koala vs. Ergoflex brand information.

Ergoflex was one of the forerunners of the mattress-in-a-box idea and was established in the UK in 2006. The business expanded to Australia in 2010 with the intention of challenging established brands like Tempur with high-quality goods offered at competitive costs. Since then, it has gained popularity in Australia. Koala, in contrast to Ergoflex, was established in Australia in 2015. Its creators were motivated to not only assist people in getting the restful night’s sleep they deserved, but also to protect the environment and refrain from exploitative business practices in the mattress industry!

Construction – Ergoflex vs Koala.


The first component is a Tencel woven outer cover that is detachable and machine washable.

The inner cover is micro-fine and appears next.

After you remove the covers, you will first come across a layer of visco-elastic memory foam.

You’ll then encounter a layer of Cool-Sleep airflow.

Finally, a high-resilience foam base will support you.
A removable and machine-washable outer cover made of 70% polyester and 30% tencel covers the outside.

An inner cover made of just polyester is next.

A permeable, open-cell Kloudcell foam makes up the upper layer.

An extremely robust Ecofoam support layer is at the bottom.

Ergoflex vs. Koala: Comfort, Firmness, and Feel.

Given that both the Ergoflex and Koala mattresses are equally firm (6/10 and 6.5/10, respectively, on the admittedly arbitrary mattress firmness scale), they should both be comfortable for a variety of sleepers, whether they are side, back, or stomach sleepers. Here, the materials that each manufacturer used make a difference. While Koala’s Kloudcell foam layer offers significant components of bounce and reactivity, Ergoflex’s visco-elastic memory foam and high-resilience base create a secure, unmoving, supremely supported night’s sleep. Koala’s mattress will still provide support, no doubt, but it’s a much more well-rounded option than Ergoflex, whose pressure-relieving, orthopedic support-oriented design is more narrowly focused.

The “Goldilocks Zone” Koala offers is probably preferable for the average sleeper because it is neither too soft nor too firm. But the Ergoflex mattress might be the best option for anyone with fibromyalgia, joint discomfort, back pain, or circulation issues.

Sleep Position Ratings – Ergoflex vs Koala.

Both of these options are foam mattresses, thus neither one offers specific edge support features like reinforced springs or extra firm foam. That’s not to suggest they’re completely lacking in that area, but people who have trouble getting out of bed (or, god forbid, who find themselves falling out of bed) might not find this place to their liking.

Fortunately, things get better when we look at motion isolation, particularly with the Ergoflex mattress. The firm Ecofoam bottom layer of the Koala mattress may have given it more than adequate motion isolation capabilities, but the Ergoflex wins the title thanks to its tag-team of viscoelastic memory foam and high-density foam base. Top notch.

Finally, both of these mattresses are ideal for keeping you cool throughout the humid and hot Australian nights because to their open-cell foam construction and naturally breathable Tencel coverings. However, the Ergoflex mattress goes a step further. How? The Cool-Sleep airflow layer, which works to spread your body heat out through the mattress, is the key. We’re impressed; it’s fairly high-tech in terms of mattresses.

Customer Service (Shipping, Returns, Warranties, etc.)

ShippingNext-day delivery from $19.99.Free Australia-wide delivery (in 4 hours within metro areas).
ReturnsFree returns.Free returns.
Warranties10-year warranty covering sag of 2.5cm or more.10-year warranty covering sag of 2.5cm or more.
Trial Period30-night risk-free trial (returns only after 21 nights).120-night risk-free trial (return anytime).

It’s also important to note that Ergoflex is the only manufacturer of mattresses-in-a-box that has been around long enough to put the term of its warranty to the test. Ergoflex was created in 2006. Naturally, it hasn’t fallen short!

Sizing & Price Comparisons – Ergoflex vs Koala.

Ergoflex 5gKoala
Long Single$989
King Single$999$850


Both Ergoflex and Koala, which each take a distinct approach to an all-foam mattress design, are welcome competitors in the Australian mattress-in-a-box competition. For the price, Ergoflex offers unparalleled motion isolation capabilities and exceptional pressure relief. A wider variety of non-ailed sleepers will undoubtedly benefit from Koala’s blend of support and reactivity, but those with serious pain concerns are unlikely to find it suitable. You can feel really good about your Koala purchase thanks to the company’s environmental focus!

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