The New Koala Mattress Review

The bed-in-a-box idea was popularized in Australia by the Koala firm, which also pretty much established the industry norms. The company’s lineup has recently been updated and revised. The New, Calm, and Soul are the three mattress models that are now available.

The New Koala mattress, an improved version of the original Koala mattress, will be the subject of this review. The mattress now comes in two firmness options, medium and firm, providing the sleeper a choice between two alternative sleeping sensations.

I was interested to see how the firm had managed to improve on the already fantastic Koala mattress because I loved the first one. The WhatASleep team tested the new Koala mattress in a variety of ways, including firmness, comfort, support, motion isolation, and more.

Let me describe what we discovered.

The New Koala Mattress Review

A word about our review process

Mattresses come down to individual taste because what feels soft or firm to one person may not to another. Therefore, our evaluation is a compilation of the information we discovered while testing the Koala mattress, as well as our professional research and internet user reviews. We think it’s a fair technique to evaluate a product.

The Koala Mattress Review Summary

Although the price is the same, the new Koala mattress is a huge improvement over the first one. The flippable dual-firmness comfort layer, which allows you to convert between medium (6) and firm (7) by just unzipping and flipping the top layer, is the most notable feature. It can be challenging to zip the comfort layer when working alone or for the first time. The other update consists of a 3-zone support layer that is firmer in the middle and softer around the head and foot areas for improved pressure alleviation and spine alignment.

The mattress combines the memory foam’s sink and the latex’s responsiveness, giving you the sensation of soft conforming and even body support. The mattress prevents you from experiencing memory foam’s “stuck-in-the-mud” sensation. Instead, it feels airy, light, almost marshmallow-like. Without feeling beaten down, you can change positions with ease. On the mattress, there is a decent blend of support, pressure reduction, and comfort.

The mattress is highly supportive in both setups. But while the tougher layer is slightly more supporting, the middle (softer) side has a little more give. While stomach and back sleepers would benefit from the firmer side, side sleepers, small people, and certain back sleepers would prefer the medium side.

We believe that for the majority of light to average-weight people under 100 kg in all sleeping positions, the Koala mattress is a pleasant, accommodating, and budget-friendly solution. For people who weigh less than 50 kg and are light and petite, the mattress is soft and ideal because they might not find other mattresses to be firm enough for them.

However, it might not be suitable for everyone. Here is a list of the pros and cons of the Koala mattress for Australians.


Who might like the Koala mattress?

  • Those who are light to average weight (under 100 kg) in all positions of sleep.
  • Those seeking a comfortable mattress that is neither either soft nor overly hard.
  • Sleepers who are unsure of their preferred firmness level. Between the firm and medium sides are your options.
  • Those who like a neutral sleeping surface that combines support and body shaping.
  • Lightweight people and side sleepers will value the mattress’ cozy embrace.
  • Couples seeking a mattress that minimizes noise and isolates motion transfer.
  • Those looking to buy an inexpensive, all-foam mattress.

Who might not like the Koala mattress?

  • people who weigh more over 100 kg may require additional support. For these people, innerspring or hybrid mattresses might be a preferable option.
  • persons who favor extremely soft or extremely firm mattresses.
  • People seek pressure relief and deep sinkage. Such individuals ought to select a memory foam mattress.
  • who are seeking a springy mattress. It’s still springy, but not as much as innerspring or latex beds.

Tl;dr: Because of its superb balancing of comfort, support, and mobility, the new Koala is our choice for the most comfortable mattress in Australia. The mattress is appropriate for couples in all sleeping positions as well as average-weight side, back, and stomach sleepers.

The Koala mattress is a well-rounded item with reasonable features that will appeal to the majority of customers. The Koala mattress is a strong option thanks to its great after-sale service, rapid shipping, accommodating returns policy, and clear warranty terms.

The New Koala Mattress

  • One of the coziest mattresses we’ve tried is Koala. It is adaptable and a wise investment. By following the link below, you can save up to $100 on a Koala mattress.

Fact Sheet

  • 25 centimeter thick mattress made entirely of foam.
  • It has two foam layers: an Ecofoam base layer (18 cm thick) for support and a top Kloudcell layer (7 cm thick) for comfort.
  • The foams are Dunlop foam, which is GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified and has low VOC emissions as well as being free of chemicals and heavy metals.
  • The exterior fabric is touchably soft, stretchable for close conforming, and breathable. It is constructed of a 65% polyester and 35% TENCEL blend.
  • For improved grip on the bed frame or foundation, the bottom of the mattress is completed with dotted PVC fabric.
  • The mattress is vegan and fire resistant, according to Koala.
  • Mattress removal is free of charge (only in Sydney and Melbourne).
  • With 4-hour delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, free shipping is available throughout Australia.
  • 120-night home trial with no risk.
  • For metro locations, returns are free. Customers in outlying areas must transport the mattress to the closest warehouse, which might cost them between $100 and $250.
  • 10-year warranty against production flaws or sagging of more than 2.5 cm.
  • China-based manufacturing.

Firmness & Feel

So how does sleeping on the New Koala mattress feel? See what we experienced firsthand below.

 Koala Mattress Review

How was my sleep experience?

I am 5’8″ and weigh roughly 72 kg on average. My preferred sleeping position is on the side, but I occasionally flip to the back or stomach. I’ll now describe how it felt to sleep in various positions on the Koala mattress.

The medium side of the Koala mattress is a great fit for side sleepers who are light to average weight (under 100 kg). The 7 cm comfort layer does a good job of following the body’s natural curves and preventing pressure from amassing in the shoulder and hip areas.

On the Koala mattress’ firmer side, back and stomach sleepers would enjoy a decent blend of comfort and support. The base layer maintains the spine supported at all times while the lumbar region sinks into the comfort layer with some significant shaping.

I don’t believe heavier people (those weighing more than 100 kg) would sleep well on the mattress, but this is true of all all-foam mattresses.

Having said that, the Koala mattress is among the most comfy ones I’ve reviewed.

Transparency We did not receive the mattress from Koala for free; we paid for it. All of our thoughts are our own, and the review is not sponsored.

Amanda’s Take

After using the Koala mattress for well over six months, our team member Amanda has the following to say:

I am averagely build and 5’11”, and I think the Koala mattress is a fantastic purchase. I mostly sleep on my side, and my partner mostly sleeps on their back. We are both side sleepers. It was a bit of a leap of faith for my partner and I to go from our previous typical spring mattresses to something more contoured and spring-light, but I’m pleased we did.

We definitely needed two people to put up the mattress, and it took some time for us to figure out how to zip, unzip, and get the topper on the firmness level we desired (we chose firm because we both wanted a little bit more back support). But in the end, we sorted it out, and it has undoubtedly been a pleasant sleep.

We found both sides of the firmness or softness to be pleasant, but after switching back and forth between the comfort layers for a few nights, we realized we preferred the firmer side. It continues to be that Goldilocks mattress that is cozy without being overly plush and supportive without being a plank of wood. It has slept temperature neutral for us, doesn’t have any lingering off-gassing smells, hasn’t seen any noticeable degrading in sleep quality after a year of use, and doesn’t have any lingering off-gassing smells.

The difference in edge support between our old mattress and new one was definitely the item that took the longest to get used to. I’ve occasionally rolled a little too far and felt the edge buckle under my weight, which jolted me to consciousness so I wouldn’t fall. That never occurred to me when I thought of a conventional mattress.

In order to get that extra edge support, I would definitely go for either the Koala Calm As or Soul Mate mattresses if I were to purchase their mattress line again (which, yeah, I would).

Overall, I’m pleased with my Koala mattress purchase, and I can definitely say that it has improved my sleep quality and made my muscles and joints more comfortable in the morning. Which, now that I’m in my late 30s, has a bigger impact than I care to admit.

The foundation Koala mattress is something I’d suggest to pretty much everyone, especially considering the price. There aren’t many areas where this mattress can be improved, and my girlfriend and I have both experienced comfort and good sleep on it.

How firm is the New Koala mattress?

The New Koala mattress was supportive but not overly firm on the firm side and soft but not plush on the medium side. On a scale from soft to firm, we gave the medium side a rating of 6 and the stiffer side a rating of 7. While the Ecofoam base provides solid support, the top Kloudcell layer is soft and cushy.

What does the Koala mattress feel like?

Although soft, the mattress is touchable. The bespoke foam blend has a neutral feel; it isn’t overly soft like memory foam or overly springy like latex. And the layer of warmth gives you a cuddle.

You initially feel a little pressure alleviation when you lay down on the Koala mattress before slowly sinking into the comfort layer. Once you are comfortable, the foundation begins to work to support and stabilize your body while you sleep.

Instead of sinking into the mattress, you usually sleep “on” it. This frees you from the feeling of being stuck in the mud and allows you to move around rather easily.

The Koala mattress is quite accommodating and pleasant for most sleepers because to its combination of memory foam, latex, and medium firmness. It makes sense in that regard.

Average-weight sleepers — 58 to 100 kg

The Koala mattress should be comfortable in all situations for people of average size. Due to the comfort layer’s ability to contour to the body and the zoned construction’s ability to release pressure from the shoulders and hips, side sleepers and some types of back sleepers should fare well on the medium side. Back and stomach sleepers will find the firmer side to be more supportive and suitable.

Lightweight sleepers — Under 58 kg

The weight of the sleeper has a direct correlation with the mattress’ hardness and comfort. Petite people apply less pressure to the mattress, which makes most mattresses firm to them. For smaller people in all sleeping positions, we think the medium side is a great option. The comfort layer is supple, supportive, and tolerant.

Heavyweight sleepers — Over 100 kg

Foam mattresses tend to feel soft to heavier people since their bodies put more weight on the surface than smaller or average-sized people. So, in my opinion, neither Koala nor any other foam mattress is inappropriate for people of a substantial build.

In general, heavier folks should search for a hybrid or innerspring mattress because the metal coils provide more support and durability.

Koala Mattress Construction

The Koala mattress is made of two layers of custom-blend polyfoam that are zipped together and measure a total of 10 inches. The comfort layer can also be turned over to alter the mattress’ firmness.

Let’s examine how each layer affects the overall functionality of the mattress now.

Koala Mattress Construction

Cover: It is constructed with environmentally friendly TENCEL-blend fabric, which is breathable, cool to the touch, antibacterial, and moisture-repellent. Although the cover cannot be removed, it can be vacuumed or spot cleaned.

Koala Mattress Care lable

Comfort layer: The “Kloudcell” brand’s dual-firmness flippable 3-inch open-cell foam serves as the top layer. It is responsive, springy, and softly contoured for comfort. Additionally, compared to ordinary foam, it is more breathable and heats up less.

Support layer:

The Koala mattress’ base is made of Ecofoam, a 7-inch high-density polymer foam, according to the manufacturer. This layer’s three-zone design provides the body with more individualized support. It is significantly softer around the head and foot areas and slightly softer in the center to suit the hip area.

Additionally, the layer stabilizes the bed, prevents excessive drooping, especially at the edges, and uniformly supports the sleepers throughout the bed.

Thickness: The Koala is a medium-profile mattress with a 10 inch height. All-foam mattresses typically have a thickness of 10 inches.

The New Koala Mattress

  • One of the coziest mattresses we’ve tried is Koala. It is adaptable and a wise investment. By following the link below, you can save up to $100 on a Koala mattress.

The New Koala Mattress Size And Price Chart

SizeDimensions (LxWxH)Weight*MSRP
Single188 x 92 x 25 cm20.47 kg$750
King Single203 x 107 x 25 cm25.25 kg$880
Double188 x 138 x 25 cm29.98 kg$1,000
Queen203 x 153 x 25 cm35.43 kg$1,050
King203 x 183 x 25 cm42.04 kg$1,250

Koala Mattress Performance

While firmness and feel are the most significant aspects, a mattress’ edge support, durability, breathability, and other characteristics should also be considered.

Let’s examine the performance of the Koala mattress in these areas.

Sleep temperature

The Koala mattress doesn’t make me feel hot or cold while I sleep on it, in my opinion. Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, which fail to effectively wick away heat, open-cell foam encourages airflow. I didn’t feel hot or sweaty when I woke up, but people who tend to become overheated while they sleep might want to consider switching to an innerspring mattress instead of an all-foam mattress.

Motion isolation for couples

Motion isolation refers to a mattress’ ability to dampen cross-bed motion. You won’t be aware when your companion gets out of bed to satisfy a chocolate craving or a need for the restroom if you sleep on a mattress that effectively isolates motion. Motion isolation is typically a strength of all-foam mattresses, and the Koala mattress is no exception. Compared to an innerspring, latex, or hybrid mattress, it minimizes and absorbs motion better. On the medium side compared to the firmer side, the motion isolation is a little bit better.

Edge support

Having strong edge support offers various advantages. One benefit is that you can rest closer to the edge without worrying about going off. Two, it maintains the mattress’s contour. Three, it stops the edges from drooping. When compared to all-foam beds, the Koala mattress provides above-average edge support, but it falls short when compared to innerspring and latex mattresses.

The mattress’ firmer side offers superior edge support compared to its softer side. However, for those of light to average weight, both sides provide sufficient support.

Sex comfort

For sex, couples require a responsive, bouncing mattress. Though reasonably responsive, the Koala mattress lacks the bounce of latex or innerspring beds. However, the harder side may provide a little more bounce.

You won’t hear the typical creaking or squeaking sounds associated with innerspring mattresses because this bed is entirely made of foam.

Although not the finest mattress for sex overall, the Koala mattress is still a respectable choice.


The Koala mattress was first introduced in Australia in 2015 and has since undergone redesigns in 2018 and 2021. The Koala mattress has been in operation for more than eight years, and based on actual consumer feedback, it is a reliable product.

The mattress should last at least seven to eight years with adequate care, according to user comments and our tests, even though the business does not offer detailed lifespan data.


The Koala mattress has a mild off-gassing (chemical scent), similar to all-foam mattresses, but nothing overpowering. In our experiment, the stench vanished entirely after 24 hours.

Company Policies

When purchasing items online, the devil is often in the details. Do your research accordingly.

Mattress removal

In conjunction with Soft Landing, Koala now provides free mattress removal in the Sydney and Melbourne areas.

Delivery (S&H)

The Koala mattress is easy to transport because it is rolled, wrapped, and compressed in a small box like most online mattress brands. The Koala mattress does vary in that it comes in two boxes, one containing the comfort layer and the other the support layer. The logistical business (TNT Express) contacts you in advance to set a delivery time, and the mattress is delivered to your doorstep rather than inside your home.

Orders placed from New Zealand will incur an extra shipping charge. Delivery is free throughout Australia. For urban locations, you can additionally choose a free 4-hour delivery option. The shipping procedure typically takes two to eight business days.

Simply open both boxes once your mattress is delivered, then let them expand on your bed frame. It could be a little challenging to first zip the comfort layer to the base layer. Asking a friend or family member for assistance when flipping the comfort layer or putting the mattress together is a smart idea.

Sleep trial

There is a 120-night trial period available for the Koala mattress. The mattress cannot be returned till it has been used for two weeks. Your body will need at least two weeks to adjust to the mattress, goes the reasoning.

Return policy

The Koala mattress comes with a trial period where you can return it and receive a full refund, just like all other online bed-in-a-box companies. However, only in the major cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth is the return pickup free.

The purchaser is responsible for arranging and paying for the freight to the closest Koala warehouse for remote or non-metro areas. Because there is no way to deflate and put the mattress back in the box once it has been taken out, this might cost you $100 to $250.

It would be reasonably less expensive to hire Airtasker. Additionally, if you can, return the mattress yourself by driving down to Koala’s warehouse.


A 10-year warranty on the Koala mattress is offered, and it covers manufacturing flaws, sagging, and body indentations of 25 mm or more.


The guarantee is only redeemable by original purchasers.

Common Koala Mattress Complaints

Even though the Koala mattress has received positive reviews overall, some customers have complained that it does not provide the optimum support for people who are overweight or huge in stature. The same goes for people who prefer to sleep on firmer beds. Therefore, the mattress’ softness was a source of criticism. But keep in mind that they made up less than 2% of all the evaluations we looked at.

Another complaint from customers was that it needed some practice to flip and zip the comfort layer.

How Does Koala Mattress Compare To Others?

It’s wise to examine available items before investing your money and confidence in one. Therefore, we have compared the Koala mattress to its main rival, the Ecosa mattress.

Koala vs. Ecosa mattress

Both the Koala and the Ecosa are all-foam beds, and they feel and cost similarly. While Koala only offers two hardness options (Medium and firm), Ecosa allows you to enjoy three levels of firmness (medium, medium-firm, and firm) by simply shifting the various layers.

The fact that Koala is firmer than Ecosa even in the softest setting is the other important distinction. So for stomach sleepers seeking a more supporting bed, Ecosa might be a better option. Koala, on the other hand, is a better option for side sleepers because it has a soft and thick comfort layer.

In terms of warranty, Ecosa is ahead of Koala. It has a 15-year warranty, compared to the latter’s 10-year warranty.

Who should get Koala mattress:

  • Side, back and combination sleepers.
  • Those who prefer a softer mattress.

Who should get Ecosa Mattress:

  • Committed stomach sleepers.

Visit this page to read our full review of the Ecosa mattress.

Summing It Up

Koala exemplifies the proverb from Steve Jobs that you shouldn’t try everything. Do one thing really well. Many people can sleep on the new Koala mattress. Additionally, it comes with Koala’s renowned after-sales support and is affordably priced.

Overall, the New Koala mattress is a solid and balanced option that ought to satisfy the majority of Australians. Remember that you are protected by its 120-night risk-free trial if you don’t like it for any reason.

Koala Mattress

  • One of the coziest mattresses I’ve ever slept on is the Koala. It’s a perfect fit for the majority of sleepers and a good investment. By following the link below, you can save up to $100 on a Koala mattress.

Koala Mattress FAQs

Is Koala mattress good?

Although we think Koala is a great mattress, some people could prefer it more than others. Most people who like their bed to be neither too soft nor too firm and who sleep on their side, back, or stomach would appreciate dozing on this. People who are heavier than 100 kg or who like a somewhat firmer mattress may need to search elsewhere.

Is Koala mattress non-toxic?

The Koala mattress is indeed safe. It is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and GECA-certified (Good Environmental Choice Australia), which indicates it is safe for the environment. The manufacturer asserts that its mattress is virtually emission-free throughout production and does not include any heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde, ozone-depleting compounds, CFCs, or fire retardant chemicals. The mattress is also entirely recyclable and vegan.

Where is Koala mattress made?

The Koala mattress is made in China after being designed in Australia.

Can you flip Koala mattress?

Only the top comfort layer of the mattress can be turned around. The top layer should always be the comfort layer, and the bottom layer should always be the support layer.

Is Koala mattress good for back pain?

Perhaps because the Koala mattress provides a wonderful blend of comfort and lumbar support. It’s a good idea to test out the mattress and determine whether it can relieve your back discomfort for you or not.
Since they lessen pressure points, memory foam mattresses are typically thought to be a better option for persons with back discomfort.
Medical disclaimer: We advise contacting your GP first if you have pre-existing pain.

Is Koala mattress good for side sleepers?

Yes. The Koala mattress is a fantastic fit for the majority of side sleepers because to its plush, thick pillow top comfort layer.

How long does a Koala mattress last?

The Koala mattress should last between seven and eight years based on the choice and quality of the materials.

Can you use Koala mattress on the floor?

No. The airflow will be hampered by doing so.

Can you put Koala mattress on an adjustable base?

Yes. The Koala mattress should work with most adjustable bases, just like other all-foam mattresses do.

Can you use an electric blanket on a Koala mattress?

The Koala mattress can be used safely with an electric blanket. The mattress is comprised of fire-resistant material as an additional precaution of safety.

Can you put the Koala mattress on slats?

Yes, provided that they are spaced no more than 7.5 cm apart from one another.

What does Koala do with returned mattresses?

The mattresses that are returned are given to one of Australia’s 68 charities. The Salvation Army, Vinnies, and Lifeline Australia are just a few of these organizations’ charitable partners.

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