Noa Mattress Review – Lite vs. Original vs. Luxe

Since its establishment in 2016, Noa has established itself as a major name in the mattress-in-a-box industry thanks to its reputation for high-quality materials, reasonable costs, and an emphasis on customer happiness. They provide more than one style of mattress—in fact, they’re glad to offer three—because they want to assist “everyone, everywhere” design their ideal home.

Every Noa mattress aims to meet the demands of clients in Australia who have various needs in terms of comfort, affordability, and lifestyle. “The Lite,” “The Noa,” and “The Luxe” are their names. What sets them apart? And that’s precisely what we’re here to investigate today. Although we definitely prefer the Luxe, Noa’s other mattresses have a lot to offer and are deserving of your consideration.

So let’s explore the world of Noa mattresses right away.

Noa Mattress Review: Quick Summary of the Ratings

The Lite

noa mattress The Lite
  • Price starting from: $399
  • Ideal for sleepers on a budget.
  • Firm, great for back or stomach sleepers.
  • Memory foam and pocket spring hybrid.
  • 100 night trial with 15-year warranty.

The Original Noa

noa mattress The Original
  • Price starting from: $499
  • Best value for money.
  • Medium-firm, suitable for most sleep styles and body types.
  • Latex, memory foam and pocket spring hybrid.
  • Superb combination of comfort, support and cooling.
  • Reactive and bouncy thanks to its latex layer

The Luxe

noa mattress The Luxe
  • Price starting from: $799
  • The ultimate Noa experience: plush and luxurious.
  • Medium-firm, suitable for most sleep styles and body types.
  • 5-zone pocket springs strategically positioned to keep hips and spine aligned all night long.
  • Latex, micro-coils, memory foam and pocket spring hybrid.
  • The ultimate in luxurious comfort, reactive support and effective cooling.

Verdict: You will receive a mattress to be proud of whether you choose the budget-friendly “Lite,” the original and best-selling “Noa,” or the upscale “Luxe.” Each one offers a plethora of soothing, cooling, and supporting functions and is made with high-quality OEKO-TEK and REACH certified materials, indicating that they are all 100% safe for human exposure.
Of course, as you move up the Noa pricing ladder, the list of layers, features, and materials gets longer and more remarkable, but even the reasonably priced Lite mattress can provide a comfortable night’s sleep. With Noa, there is never a chance of losing and never a bad decision.

About the Brand

Noa, a Canadian firm named after the founder’s son Noah (whose name means “rest” and “peace” in Latin), has earned a reputation for providing luxurious bedding to affluent sleepers in Canada, Australia, and other countries. All of their mattresses, which follow the tried-and-true “spring and foam” formula, are delivered free of charge, may be returned for free (during the 100-night trial period), and have a substantial 15-year warranty. You can bet your bottom dollar that Noa will do whatever that will benefit the client!


Noa mattress Construction

The Lite

noa mattress The Lite

Noa’s most affordable option reduces comfort and support to their bare minimum due to its extremely cheap price. Its cooling gel memory foam supports and shapes to the body, relieving pressure while preventing heat accumulation that is a common problem with traditional non-gel memory foams. A layer of adaptive transition foam is placed beneath it to minimize midnight interruptions and stop motion transmission. The pocket spring layer is the final active layer and what gives this mattress its hybrid appearance.

These thick-gauge steel pocket springs are enclosed in their own mesh enclosure, which promotes ventilation throughout the mattress and gives it a springy, responsive feel. The layers are then encased in a high-density foam perimeter for strong edge support, and the entire thing is finished with a hand-tufted, hypoallergenic pillow top to encourage ventilation and prevent bacterial growth.

The Noa Original

noa mattress The Original

The Original Noa mattress improves on The Lite’s provision of cooling gel memory foam, motion-isolating support foam, and robust pocket springs with one crucial addition: latex. It offers the best mix between price and features.

This mattress’ open-cell latex layer, which appears just below the hand-tufted pillow-top, offers a distinctively ‘bouncy’ sort of support while enhancing the cooling effects of the mattress. The latex in this mattress is what really sets it apart and makes it a superb option for withstanding the sweltering Australian summers.

The Luxe

Noa mattress  Luxe

The Luxe mattress is what you need if you want the best. The Luxe boldly displays enhanced versions of the two mattresses’ current layers in addition to adding a unique layer of its own. The open-cell latex layer of The Luxe, in contrast to The Original Noa mattress, is located below the cooling gel memory foam and has been infused with bamboo charcoal to increase its cooling, airflow-promoting, and bacterial-fighting properties.

The Luxe’s pocket springs, another difference from The Original Noa, are divided into 5 ergonomic zones that are tailored to meet the various support requirements of your head, shoulders, spine, lower back, and legs. Between the latex and adaptive transition foam layers, you’ll discover a layer of cutting-edge microcoils that is unique to this mattress. The Luxe adds a precise degree of responsiveness not available in its more affordable competitors by having micro-coils that expand and contract in reaction to the body’s weight and motions.

Comfort, Firmness & Feel

The Lite is the firmest of the three alternatives without a layer of springy latex, scoring a “8/10 firm” on the mattress firmness scale. The back and stomach sleepers who often benefit from the head, neck, and spinal alignment provided by such a sleeping surface would gain the most from this. Unfortunately, side sleepers may find The Lite to be a touch too harsh on their shoulders and hips, the broadest parts of the body that don’t naturally get cushioning.

The Original Noa is a good choice if you want something gentler and more inviting to everyone. The mattress has open-cell latex and is classified as “medium-firm” (7/10) on the mattress firmness scale, making it suited for just about any sleeper, regardless of body shape or sleeping position. The Luxe provides a similar firmness rating of 7/10 while also adding more responsiveness thanks to its cutting-edge micro-coils, which respond dynamically to the weight and motions of the body.

Of course, it’s always important to remember that, despite its widespread use, the mattress firmness rating is still a personal assessment of how a mattress feels overall. You can only test out a mattress once if you want to be certain of your reaction to it. For this precise reason, the 100-night (give or take) risk-free trial has become the industry norm. You can be sure that Noa provides one, just like its rivals, and that it includes free Australia-wide collection if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

Sleep Position Ratings

Side sleepers should exercise caution while using The Lite mattress, as their shoulders and hips may require a bit more cushioning and bounce than the foam and pocket spring combination can offer. The Original Noa and The Luxe mattresses, thankfully, are both—in theory—appropriate for just about every type of sleeper.

On the latter two mattresses’ blend of quality latex, foam, and spring, they’ll all drift asleep soundly, heavy or light; on their backs, sides, or in the front. However, there is a potential issue for extremely light sleepers on The Luxe mattress, as their weight (or rather, lack thereof) may prevent them from completely interacting with the springy latex and micro-coil layers of the mattress.

The Noa mattress lineup is, overall, a lineup that appeals to a wide audience; only extreme situations are likely to encounter problems.

Temperature Neutrality

It may be challenging to stay cool, especially during the Australian summer’s oppressive heat. Fortunately, every feature of Noa’s three mattresses is intended to keep you as cool as possible, from the cooling gel memory foam to the airflow-enhancing pocket springs. These cooling characteristics add up as you move up the Noa mattress totem pole from “Lite” to “Luxe,” assisting in keeping you dry and cool.

You’ll notice the cooling properties of the hand-tufted Tencel pillowtop and the cooling gel memory foam’s heat-wicking construction in The Lite. Last but not least, the base’s pocket springs naturally promote ventilation and breathability. With the additional benefit of a breathable latex layer, which counteracts any heat-retention indicated by the memory foam layer, the Original Noa mattress can make all the same cooling promises as its lighter sibling.

It should come as no surprise that The Luxe is unquestionably superior in all areas, including cooling. Everything you learned about the cooling characteristics of the other two mattresses? All of that is still true in this case, but the additional cooling benefits provided by the natural charcoal bamboo latex and the airflow-encouraging micro-coils elevate it beyond the competition in terms of regulating your body temperature and dissipating heat accumulation inside the mattress. Even though there are many hot sleepers in Australia, none of these three are awful options, but The Luxe is the greatest option if you have the extra cash.

Edge Support

A mattress’ lifetime may be greatly improved by having strong edge support; the less a mattress sags, the longer it will survive. Additionally, it’s a huge help to individuals who enjoy (or must, due to back pain difficulties) sitting on the edge of their beds. And what if you’re one of the unfortunate ones that tends to get out of bed in the middle of the night? Strong edge support may be what stops gravity from waking you up during the night.

Unexpectedly, all three Noa mattresses have the same excellent edge support solution: a perimeter made of high-density 9 cm foam that encases the foundation of pocket springs. This element, according to Noa, is normally seen in the beds of five-star hotels, and it is understandable why because it makes the mattresses seem substantial and ‘luxury’ while significantly enhancing the quality of sleep, even for the low-cost Lite.

Motion Isolation

Anyone who has a restless bed companion will gush for hours about the advantages of robust motion isolation. Motion isolating characteristics assist both spouses get a good night’s sleep and avoid pointless fights by eliminating the sensation of your partner’s tossing and turning from traveling through the mattress.

All three Noa mattresses use pocket springs as its foundation, which are recognized for isolating motion inside each pocket. However, each Noa mattress also has a high-density transition foam layer that is specifically made to reduce the unpleasant sense of motion transfer. The upper layers also have natural motion isolation qualities because of their density (memory foam only in The Lite; memory foam and latex in The Original Noa and The Luxe). The Luxe also boasts a unique motion-isolating characteristic because to its cutting-edge micro-coils, which function similarly to pocket springs and heighten their motion isolation properties.

Overall, Noa has taken precautions to make sure that, even on the cheapest Lite mattress, restless sleepers won’t cause their spouses too much worry and interruption. However, the more costly model wins out when it comes to offering the best motion-isolation of the lineup, as is fast becoming the trend.

Packaging and Delivery

All three Noa mattresses are supplied directly to your home in a surprisingly small box, like all mattress-in-a-box manufacturers. All you have to do is take it out of the box and wait for it to unfold on its own (this procedure does take some time). In addition to free returns, the company provides free shipping to all of Australia in 3 to 7 business days.

Each of the three mattresses is available in five sizes, with nearly similar specifications other than for thickness. The Lite is the thinnest, while The Luxe is the thickest because of the additional layers.

SizeMeasurementsWeight (Lite, Original and Luxe respectively)
Single188 x 92 x 25/28/31cm20/25/31kg 
King Single203 x 107 x 25/28/31cm25/31/37kg
Double188 x 138 x 25/28/31cm31/36/42kg
Queen203 x 153 x 25/28/31cm36.1/44/51kg
King203 x 183 x 25/28/31cm44/55/62kg


With a 100-night risk-free trial and free returns, you have no need to be hesitant about checking out any Noa mattress. Additionally, the business provides a strong 15-year warranty that covers sagging of at least 1 inch. This is quite liberal in terms of warranty period and sag allowance, and we’re impressed. Noa is demonstrating once more that it prioritizes client happiness over all other considerations.


The possible harm to your money account need not be severe if you choose a Noa mattress. The Lite is incredibly cost-effective, and even the luxurious Luxe is inexpensive when compared to its rivals.

SizeThe LiteThe Original NoaThe Luxe
King Single$749$899$1,199

All of these pricing are typical. However, Noa has year-round storewide sales, so you might be able to get these mattresses for much less money!

Buyer Feedback

Without spending a few hours searching the web for authentic customer evaluations, our thorough research procedure wouldn’t be finished. We certainly had our job cut out for us when we had three goods to compare! However, we’re happy to announce that Noa’s mattresses—and the business as a whole—have received overwhelmingly good reviews from customers.

According to reviews from, 94% of consumers said their Noa mattress did not droop, 89% said they experienced no pain at all, and 74% said they slept cool as a cucumber with no heat retention.

Amelia V. from’s Australian division enthusiastically said that her Noa mattress was the reason for “the best sleeps i’ve had in years” in a statement. The discussion of praise was furthered by Sterling H. from Noa’s own review section, who said, “It greatly alleviates my back pain.” Even a client who returned their mattress gave Noa five stars for their exceptional customer service and “immediate” response, describing them as “the best company I have ever dealt with, hands down.” Angela C.

Final Verdict

Australia’s sleep-deprived citizens may choose from three excellent mattresses that Noa is selling instead of just one. While the more expensive Luxe mattress has a number of high-end extras (such charcoal bamboo latex and micro-coils), the Original Noa mattress will still satisfy the majority of buyers. Even the Lite mattress, despite some consumers finding its hardness off-putting, will satisfy the bulk of budget-conscious buyers’ comfort, support, and cooling demands.

The Luxe is without a doubt the best Noa mattress if you can afford it, but the other two are also well worth your consideration.

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