Peacelily Mattress Review – Best Latex Option?

Although latex mattresses are renowned for being expensive, they are also adored for being all-natural, supportive, and long-lasting. However, locally produced company Peacelily has unveiled a 100% latex bed that is inexpensive and comes with a number of first-in-industry features, including dual-firmness, a 120-night trial period, and a 25-year warranty.

It offers a lot of features at a good price. All well, but is the Peacelily mattress the perfect choice for you?

Find out in the review that follows, where we examine the Peacelily latex mattress‘ performance, firmness, and construction.

Peacelily Mattress

A word about our Peacelily review process

All of our mattress reviews are supported by online research, sleep tests, and examination of a large number of legitimate consumer testimonials. We hope that this will give you a complete view of the product.

Peacelily Mattress Review Summary

The 8.6-inch (22-cm) thick, flippable Peacelily mattress is made entirely of latex and is firm on one side and medium on the other. The mattress is built entirely of natural and organic components, which eco-aware customers would value.

The Peacelily mattress is resilient, hypoallergenic, and heat-dissipating due to its natural roots. Hot sleepers can so comfortably rest on the mattress.

On our firmness scale of 10, we assess its firm side as 7, the medium side as 5, and we believe that most people will sleep comfortably within this range.

Side sleepers who are light to average in weight may find the medium side to be pleasant and have sufficient of pressure relief. People with back, stomach, or weight issues may prefer the firmer side since it provides additional support to maintain the spine’s natural alignment.

The Peacelily mattress will feel very different if you’re switching from a memory foam or innerspring mattress; you’ll feel like you’re floating on top of it rather than sinking into it. Your body is kept raised near to the surface thanks to the mattress’s density, support, and characteristic bounce. However, both sides provide good padding.

Or, you might need to search elsewhere if you cling to memory foam or enjoy sinking into your mattress.

Let’s establish who can and cannot endorse the Peacelily mattress.


Who may like the mattress?

  • those who frequently sleep hot.
  • The majority of body types and sleeping positions (back, side, stomach, and combination).
  • sleepers who are unsure of their preferred firmness. The mattress Peacelily can be turned over, with one side being mild and the other hard.
  • those who want to spend money on a strong mattress.
  • Customers looking for an all-natural mattress who are environmentally aware and allergic.
  • Value consumers. Comparable choices are significantly more expensive than Peacelily.

Who may not like the mattress?

  • those who anticipate a substantial sinking and embrace from the mattress. In contrast to memory foam mattresses, latex beds are relatively bouncy. Instead of sleeping “in” the mattress, you usually sleep “on top of” it.
  • The Peacelily mattress is fairly heavy and flops around while shifting, just like a conventional latex bed would. So, if you frequently move houses, you might want to think about this.

Tl;dr: One of the top natural mattress options in Australia, in our opinion, is Peacelily. It will appeal to anyone who values a supportive, bouncy mattress that provides good pressure relief.


Peacelily Mattress

The dual-firmness all-natural latex mattress Peacelily should suit the majority of body types and sleepers. To access the best offer, click the icon below.

Fact Sheet

  • Dual-sided mattress that can be flipped over, featuring firm (7) and medium (5) sides.
  • 10 cm dunlop latex support core with comfort layers on either side makes up the inner core.
  • Comfort layers: The firm side features D85 (30 ILD) latex that is 5 cm thick, while the medium side has D65 (20 ILD) latex that is 5 cm thick.
  • For durability, the outer cover is constructed of 180 gsm cotton wadding and 350 gsm cotton fabric.
  • Shipping is free to the majority of Australia, excluding certain isolated areas.
  • For metro locations, return pickup is free. The purchaser may have to mail the mattress to the closest charity partner hub if they live in a rural area.
  • Sleep experiment for 100 nights.
  • 25 year warranty against manufacturing flaws and sags of more than 2.5 cm (10 year non prorated and 15 year prorated).
  • Made by hand and produced in Sri Lanka.

Peacelily Latex Mattress Firmness & Feel

Sleep science may be complex, but two primary factors — how a bed feels against your body and how it accommodates your body curvature — are the foundation of sleep enjoyment. We did a test run of the Peacelily Mattress because of this.

How was my sleep experience?

I’m a guy of average build, 5’8″ and 72 kg, for your information. Although I usually sleep on my side, I occasionally also sleep on my back or stomach. I slept on the Peacelily mattress for three weeks to evaluate its efficacy, and the following are the conclusions I came to:

The Peacelily mattress had a completely different feel than a memory foam mattress. When I lay on it, there was no slow sinking or deep hugging. My body was somewhat cradled by it, but I was always on top of the mattress, seemingly weightless. It took me a few days to get used to its springiness, but once I did, I discovered that I awoke feeling completely refreshed.

The firmer side was more comfortable for me. While in the back and stomach positions, the spinal support was superb, I had a wonderful combination of pressure alleviation and support when I was sleeping on my side. I must admit that changing positions was quite simple.

The only drawback is that it is a large mattress and requires more than one person to flip it over.

All things considered, I believe the Peacelily mattress will satisfy the majority of sleepers, especially those who value a supporting bed.

How firm is Peacelily mattress?

The Peacelily is a double-sided, flippable latex mattress, as we previously mentioned. The stiffer side is made of a denser kind of latex, D85, while the softer side is made of D65 latex. This jargon is unnecessary because each side is clearly delineated.

On our firmness scale of 1 to 10, the medium side scores a 5, which places it in the medium-soft category rather than a pure medium. Generally speaking, the industry defines medium firmness as 6 to 6.5.

The firm side has a firmness rating of around 7, which makes it slightly firmer than medium hardness but not completely firm. A score of eight or higher is typically regarded as firm.

However, we would like to point out that firmness is very subjective and individual. It depends on a person’s size, shape, and sleeping position. In other words, what might be firm for a 60 kg sleeper may be soft for a bigger individual.

What does Peacelily mattress feel like?

It seems sensitive, springy, and bouncy to touch both sides. As a result, moving around and changing positions on the mattress is simple; you don’t feel as trapped as you might on a foam mattress. The feel varies depending on which side of the bed you are on. The stiffer side keeps you on “top,” while the softer side adds a little bit more contouring.

Average-weight sleepers — 58 to 110 kg

The softer side should be more comfortable for side sleepers of average weight since it provides effective pressure relief around the hip and shoulder area.

Average-weight stomach sleepers should find better support on the firmer side and need extra support under the hip (to prevent the spine from curving upwards).

Both sides will feel comfortable for back sleepers.

Lightweight sleepers — Under 58 kg

The Peacelily mattress should be pleasant for the majority of light sleepers in all positions. The mattress may be a little stiff for certain petite people, especially if they like to sleep on their side. These people can order a Peacelily topper for added comfort.

People who are lighter are less likely to suffocate in the comfort layers. Therefore, stomach sleepers would be better supported on the firmer side, while back and side sleepers could find more support and pressure relief on the softer side.

In general, a firmer sleeping surface is needed for stomach sleepers. This keeps their hip from dropping too much and their spine from uncomfortable arches.

Heavyweight sleepers — Over 110 kg

On a firm bed, those who are heavier typically sleep better. Similar to how back and stomach sleepers should feel their weight evenly distributed, side sleepers should find ample of pressure relief and appropriate spinal alignment on the firmer side of the Peacelily mattress.

For certain sleepers, the softer side could not offer enough support.


100% latex makes up the 2-in-1 firmness Peacelily mattress. It is constructed entirely of organic, sustainably derived materials, starting with the three layers of latex foam and continuing with the cotton cover and glue.

Because the latex is eco-INSTITUT and Oeko-Tex Class 1-certified, it is risk-free, non-toxic, and off-gases not at all. Additionally, the fabrics are GOTS-certified, demonstrating that they follow the most rigorous standards of ethical and environmental manufacture.

Talalay latex, another popular option in the sleep business, is less dense and less sturdy than the Dunlop latex used in the mattress. The brand says that this increases its longevity to up to 25 years. In addition, latex is naturally breathable, dust mite-, bed-bug-, mold-, flame-, antimicrobial-, and antibacterial-resistant, making it a hygienic option.

So let’s dismantle the mattress and investigate what’s inside.

  • A cover made of 100 percent breathable organic cotton with carrying handles and hand-stitched tape edges.
  • 100% cotton wadding to enhance luxury and strengthen the mattress’ cover.
  • 5 cm Dunlop latex comfort layer with perforations (medium feel).
  • Rating for firmness: 5
  • D65, 20 ILD (indentation load deflection) technical specifications
  • A support core made of 10 cm dunlop perforated latex.
  • 5cm of firm Dunlop latex serves as the bottom comfort layer.
  • Rating for firmness: 7
  • D85, 30 ILD (indentation load deflection) technical specifications

Mattress Height

The Peacelily mattress is taller than the normal all-latex bed at 8.6 inches (22 cm).

Mattress Size Options And Price Chart

SizeDimensions (LxWxH)Weight*RRP
Single188 x 92 x 21 cm32 kg$999
Long Single203 x 92 x 21 cm33 kg$1,099
King Single203 x 107 x 21 cm39 kg$1,199
Double188 x 138 x 21 cm44 kg$1,449
Queen203 x 153 x 21 cm54 kg$1,599
King203 x 183 x 21 cm63 kg$1,899


Although this latex mattress has many benefits, are they really worth the hype? We’ll see.

Sleep temperature

Temperature regulation is the one thing that you can rely on from natural latex. In contrast to memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses don’t retain heat. Due to its open-cell structure, latex allows for better airflow and maintains a cool sleeping surface.

Additionally, the Peacelily mattress’ individual latex layers are perforated for improved airflow, and its breathable cotton cover and wadding wick moisture away to stop heat from accumulating.

Overall, we believe the Peacelily mattress will satisfy the needs of hot and perspiring sleepers.

Motion isolation for couples

The best choice for couples or people who share a bed with a pet is a bed that minimizes motion transfer. But what is it? It simply refers to how much disturbance your co-sleeper causes when they move, toss, or turn on the bed.

Since latex is naturally more pliable and buoyant than other materials, some motion is transmitted across the bed. Although it doesn’t isolate motion as well as memory foam does, it is unquestionably an improvement over innerspring mattresses. Motion isolation is a little bit better on the softer side than the firmer side.

On this latex mattress, the majority of sleepers shouldn’t feel their spouse move. But a memory foam mattress would be excellent for light sleepers.

Edge support

Edge support refers to how securely a mattress is supported or reinforced at its edges. This is significant since it enables couples to use the entire bed for sleeping.

The firm side performs marginally better in this regard than the medium side. Although the sinkage is little more on the medium side, we felt reasonably safe resting towards the margins on either side.

The edge support should be sufficient for the majority of couples and sleepers. The edge of an innerspring or hybrid bed, however, would be more comfortable for bigger people (above 110 kg) to sit or sleep on.

In terms of brands, Peacelily’s edge support is superior to most foam mattresses like Ecosa or Koala and nearly on par with hybrid mattresses like Noa or Sleeping Duck Mach II. However, it falls short of a pure innerspring mattress in terms of edge support.

Sex comfort

People should search for a responsive, bouncy bed for intimacy because it makes it simpler to change positions. Here, Peacelily fulfills all the criteria. It is quiet while also providing good bounce. The softer side is a tiny bit more springy than the tougher side.

Memory foam mattresses, in general, are the worst for sex because they lack bounce. Although they can be noisy, innerspring mattresses have higher bounce and responsiveness. But latex beds are quiet and springy.


In 2018, the Peacelily mattress was introduced. We haven’t had it on the market long enough to determine its durability and long-term performance. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, are renowned for being incredibly resilient and outlast memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses by a significant margin.

Customers can expect the Peacelily mattress to last for at least ten years because it is built of high-density Dunlop latex. Additionally, as latex is a naturally durable substance, sagging or indentation are not likely to occur. Because of this, the business is confident in offering a 25-year warranty.


The chemical odor that appears after unboxing a mattress is known as “off-gassing.” We observed very little to no off-gassing throughout the sleep trial because the Peacelily mattress is constructed of natural and organic materials. After 24 hours, the odor disappeared.

Company Policies

Detail is where the devil is at. This pearl of advice holds true for all purchasing choices, but it holds true much more if you purchase online. So let’s explain what the Peacelily mattress’s fine print says.

Delivery (S&H)

Your door will receive a boxed, compressed Peacelily latex mattress. The box has wheels, making moving it around a convenience. The queen, who weighs about 50 kg, is however incredibly heavy, as is the box. So ask a friend to help if you need to carry the package upstairs.

In general, I don’t remark on delivery times, but the Peacelily mattress took more than two weeks to arrive, which is considerably longer than the shipping times for the majority of online mattress brands. However, I was always kept informed by the Peacelily customer service staff.

The mattress is simple to assemble. Let the mattress unfold by opening it. The mattress’s entire contour can take up to 72 hours to take shape.

Except in a few isolated areas, shipping is generally free across Australia. Although shipping times vary, they might range from two to seven days.

Sleep trial

You get almost three months to test the Peacelily mattress to determine if it’s the ideal match for you thanks to its 100-night trial period.

Return policy

Your body may need a few weeks to become used to a new mattress, so Peacelily advises customers to give it at least 30 days before asking for a refund. All returned mattresses are given to charities; they are never sold again.

In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, return collection is free and handled by the charity partner (often The Salvation Army). You might have to deliver the mattress to the closest charity partner hub if you reside in a distant area.

Make sure your mattress is free from stains and damages in order to be eligible for a complete refund.


The mattress comes with an excellent 25-year warranty from Peacelily, which covers manufacturing flaws and indentations or body impressions larger than 2.5 cm (1 inch) for 10 years in full and 15 years in prorated coverage.

A warranty that lasts 25 years is a great selling feature in a sector where 15 years of protection is considered to be excellent. But keep in mind that the warranty is transferrable and can only be used by the original buyer.

The warranty does not cover damage brought on by a bad foundation, abuse, or ordinary wear and tear.

Common Complaints

Over 300 verifiable customer reviews were analyzed, and we found that 95% of them expressed satisfaction with their purchases. Some sleepers found the mattress to be stiff, however some grew accustomed to it after a few weeks, while others needed to purchase a mattress topper for more comfort. This concurs with what we have also observed. Since latex is a dense, springy material, it may take some time for new users to become used to the sensation.

The mattress is fairly heavy, and a few consumers mentioned that it was difficult to flip because it flops down when doing so.

Summing It Up

One of the more environmentally friendly mattress options on the Australian market, in our opinion, is Peacelily. We consider it a worthwhile investment given its reasonable pricing, all-natural latex composition, and dual firmness. Not to mention that it’s a flexible bed that works for a variety of sleepers.

We advise eco-conscious shoppers to purchase this mattress as well as anyone looking for a supportive bed that will last them for a very long time.

Peacelily Mattress FAQs

Where is Peacelily mattress made?

At the business’s privately owned factory in Sri Lanka, Peacelily mattresses are handcrafted.

Is the Peacelily mattress good for back pain?

A mattress must support the spine in its natural posture in order to relieve or help with back discomfort. The Peacelily mattress provides decent contouring without sinking in too much, making it a wonderful choice for people who have back pain when they are trying to sleep.
Disclaimer: The advice provided here should not be used in place of seeking professional medical care.

Where can I try a Peacelily mattress?

Unlike other online mattress retailers, Peacelily offers a physical location where customers may test the mattresses in Melbourne. The store is located at 58–60 Levanswell Rd, Moorabbin, VIC 3189.
Customers who are unable to visit the store can test the mattress out at home during a 100-day trial period, provided by the business.

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