The Best Sleep Masks in Australia

It goes without saying that getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to our general well-being. However, did you realize that the kind of sleep you get matters just as much?

If you’re one of the many Australian adults hoping to obtain better sleep, you might want to think about making a straightforward adjustment like utilizing a sleep mask to get to sleep and remain asleep. The best way to block out those annoying light sources is with a sleep mask! More importantly, shutting out undesirable light sources can assist your brain in going into sleep-inducing shut-down mode.

An eye mask is one of several options to help you get a better night’s sleep, whether it’s due to blinking lights in your bedroom or the desire to block out the sun while traveling.

Below, you can choose from only the top sleep masks that we have hand-picked:

These are the 2022’s Best Sleep Masks

Each product has been thoroughly discussed below, with key details and reasons why it might be the ideal sleep mask for you highlighted.

1. Ivy’s Selection High-end Silk Sleep Mask – Best Splurge

best Sleep Masks

The Ivy’s Selection sleep mask is extremely soft and soothing on the skin because it is composed of premium long-fiber mulberry silk. This Ivy Selection mask is highly recommended for people seeking that silky smooth feel! Nothing should be ignored regarding the packaging either. This tiny silk mask is packaged in a lovely purple box that is ideal for keeping your mask in. The Ivy Selection silk mask will provide you the opulent sensation you desire for a restful night’s sleep.

Motives to purchase: This expensive sleep mask, which costs under $30, is constructed of premium silk material that is kind to the area around the eyes. Given that it is constructed entirely of natural silk strands, the mask is hypoallergenic and a wonderful choice for people with sensitive skin. Although we rate this selection as a splurge, you won’t regret a thing as you feel the silky smoothness over your eyes and around the adjustable strap. Best feature? If you’re not happy with Ivy Selection’s 30-night sleep trial, they’ll accept the goods back and give you a full refund. That is the most consoling thing ever!

2. ComfyMed® Sleep Mask CM-EM17 – Editor’s Pick, Best Overall

 ComfyMed® Sleep Mask CM-EM17

The ComfyMed Sleep Mask can be the right choice for you if you’re seeking for the greatest overall mask that completely filters out all light while offering cushiony comfort for the face. This sleep mask was our top pick out of all the masks we reviewed. The ComfyMed mask even seems incredibly light considering that it weighs less than an ounce. This mask is our top choice because of its novel elevated and cushioned design that feels lightweight. Not to mention that this mask is reasonably priced at about $20.

Motives to purchase: The innovative memory foam nose cushion can be customized to fit any nose and completely block out light, making it a great alternative for people whose bedrooms don’t have blackout curtains. With its raised cushion shape and extra room, the ComfyMed mask doesn’t even touch your eyelids. You won’t go wrong with this mask if your goal is comfort because reviews gush about its comfort. Last but not least, ComfyMed offers a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can always return your mask if you don’t like it.

3. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask – Best Value

 Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

The Alaska Bear mask, in our opinion, offers the greatest value. For those seeking a cheap product with the finest value available, this mask might be the ideal choice. The Alaska Bear sleeping mask has a fully adjustable strap that can be adjusted from 15.8 inches to 27.6 inches to accommodate most heads and offers complete blackout benefits.

Why you should buy: If you want to test using a sleep mask but don’t want to invest a lot of money right away, this mask might be for you! For side sleepers, the plastic adjuster fits comfortably because it rests on the back of the head strap rather than close to the temples. The Alaska Bear mask also offers complete darkness, allowing you to spend the night without disturbing light sources! Unlike other fabrics, the soft and silky cloth is kind to the skin and doesn’t absorb any lotions or facial oils.

4. Mzoo Sleep Eye Mask – 100% BLACKOUT

 Mzoo Sleep Eye Mask

This Mzoo sleeping mask’s curved eye cup design offers the absolute darkness you’ve been seeking for. This thick, fluffy sleeping mask is made of memory foam and provides comfort for the face, making it a great option for back sleepers. For side sleepers, it might not be the ideal choice.

This mask is significantly more robust than those currently on the market because it was made using a special sewing technique rather than glue.

Purchase reasons: If you’ve tried other sleep masks and discovered that annoying light is still leaking in, this might be the one for you to try for a fully blacked-out experience! You can experience total darkness with the Mzoo sleeping mask, which will help you catch some much-needed rest. The eye contour is broader and deeper than those of typical sleeping masks, providing more room around the eyelids for comfort and the ability to freely blink.

Best feature? The 60-day at-home trial period for the Mzoo mask is available! Without having to ask any questions, you can return your mask if you don’t love it and get a complete refund.

5. LIFEWAY Sleep Mask – Best for travel

 LIFEWAY Sleep Mask

With its revolutionary, cutting-edge design, this 3D sleep mask fits your nose like a glove and blocks out harmful light. It also fits any nose height and doesn’t provide any extra pressure to the nose. This mask also has a distinctive elevated design around the eyelids that gives you more room to blink. Like other flat-faced sleeping masks, it won’t press on your skin as you sleep because of the extra space. The LIFEWAY mask has a fully adjustable strap that is comfortable and simple to wrap around the head and is constructed of a lightweight material that can be adjusted from 15.8 inches to 26 inches.

Reasons to buy: We believe this might be the perfect mask for you if you’re searching for one that has some breathing room, is lightweight, can block out all the bothersome light, and is great for travel. With all the incoming light and distractions, sleeping on a plane can be challenging. The LIFEWAY mask has made traveling much more tolerable. Last but not least, LIFEWAY provides a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee if you needed further assurance. So you can check if it works for you, you may give it a try.

6. Cloudin Memory Foam Eye Mask – Bargain Pick

Cloudin Memory Foam Eye Mask

Our least expensive choice, the Cloudin sleep mask, costs little under $10. This mask offers all you require for the price you spend! The headband will work perfectly and fit most head sizes. It is painless and simple to adjust. The completely adjustable strap is comfortable and won’t tangle with hair. It may be adjusted from 15.8 inches to 26 inches in order to fit the majority of heads and won’t move while you’re sleeping.

Why you should buy: For those on a budget, this memory foam mask is inexpensive and functional. The mask is a 3D model with a broader and deeper design to give your eyelids more room as you sleep. For less than $10, this mask would be a great choice for individuals who have never used a sleeping mask before! This mask is an absolute deal for the price and works well for sleeping in any setting.

Buyer’s guide: Factors to consider while choosing a sleep mask

Here are the key elements we believe you should take into account while contrasting various sleep masks and shopping around:


Regarding the material, it truly boils down to whether you want a cheap or expensive experience from your sleep mask. Of course, less expensive masks won’t likely feel as cozy as ones made of wonderfully smooth 100% silk, like the Ivy’s Selection Sleep Mask. There are other memory foam options, such as the ComfyMed Sleep Mask, which offers extra-plush comfort against the face.


The masks with a convex eye cup stand out as having the most user-friendly design. These 3D masks give the eyelids some room, preventing irritation and rubbing against the skin. In general, you could discover that these masks are more comfortable over time than sleeping masks without elevated eye contours or nose mesh.

Light Blocking

How effectively does the mask obstruct light? A sleeping eye mask serves only to create total darkness and block out any unwelcome light sources. Some masks are better manufactured than others and may be more successful at concealing all unwelcome light. For the full block-out experience, look into the memory foam and nose contouring masks.

Adjustable Strap

You might want to think about the adjustable strap size for each sleeping mask if your head tends to fall more on the smaller or larger ends of sizing. Nothing is worse than having your mask easily come off in the middle of the night when you are sleeping or squeezing around the back of your head.


A sleeping mask should be as light and portable as possible when traveling! Some people can find it uncomfortable to have a thick sleeping mask sitting on their face while they drift off to sleep, so you might want to consider a thin one instead.


It could be a little daunting to choose among the many sleeping mask alternatives available. We hope to have removed the confusion and given you six outstanding choices to choose from!

If you’re searching for something accessible and inexpensive, the Cloudin Memory Foam Mask is your best bet.

Check out the LIFEWAY Sleep Mask or MZoo Sleep Mask for additional wiggle room if you’re interested in using a mask that will allow you lots of area around the eyelids!

If achieving total darkness is your aim, the Mzoo Sleep Mask is the logical choice because it has a nose contouring design to fit your face and eliminate any annoying tiny gaps where light could enter.

All in all, any of these six masks would be a terrific option for anyone trying to obtain the necessary eye-shutting and a better night’s sleep!

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